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7 easy ways to style Ladies sweatpants this season

7 easy ways to style Ladies sweatpants this season

With the majority of us all on lockdown due to COVID-19, it means relaxing at home and staying safe with our loved ones.

Comfort is key to our dress attire as we wade ourselves through the daily monotony looking for things to do while staying active. As we all know, sweatpants are so comfy and the perfect loungewear bottoms for those lazy days when out of sight of others.

Love the sweatpants look

However, sweatpants can be dressed and styled into the perfect casual fashion piece if styled correctly. They don’t have to be that piece of clothing that is totally restricted to home wear. All it takes is a bit of creative thinking to make them wearable outside of the home.

There are simple and imaginative ways to style your sweats to give any woman that cool rocking look when out and about. We have picked 7 easy ways to help to choose and dress your sweatpants with ease

Opt for fitted sweatpants opposed to baggy

Every woman should consider their sweats as an extension of their fashion wardrobe. With the right pair you can take your look for zero to hero in a few moves.

However, the fit must be correct and this is when baggy sweats are a big no no. Fitted Ladies sweatpants are comfortable and offer more versatility pairing with other wardrobe pieces.

It’s always important to maximise your sweatpants looks for different occasions so make sure you start with a pair that look smart and presentable

Go Neutral sweatpants

Opt for plain neutral colours like grey, white or blacks. They have a tendency to go with everything.
The option is there to pair with high heels instead of your runners

Probably one of the best and quickest ways to transform your sweatpants looks is by adding a pair of heels. The likes of pumps or other heel designed shoes will instantly raise your look when paired with the correct clothing and accessories. Leave your runners behind and take inspiration from the likes of Kylie Jenner or Jessica Alba.

Pair your sweatpants with an alluring accessory

This is a simple but affect way to move your sweatpants look up a notch. By adding a smart over the shoulder handbag can really give you that polished casual sweatpants look. Because your bottoms are a neutral colour, opt for a bright plain coloured bag. It can breathe life into your look.

Experiment with various sweatpant fabrics

This is the litmus test when choosing stylish ladies sweatpants. Nice material not only feels nice on the skin but can really present that sophisticated fashion finish.

The likes of velvet faux silk are more lavish than normal cotton and present a more chic finish.

Consider your sweatpants like jeans when dressing

All fashionistas know that almost anything can be paired with a nice pair of jeans. Now that you have the perfect fitted pair of sweatpants, look at pairing with the correct top laying.

For warmer months, a nice colourful or patterned button down blouse or shirt is king. For more cooler months, a smart fitted sweater in warm colours is the perfect choice.

Bright colour with your sweatpants can be a game changer

Like all fashion attire, the monochromatic look can be so contemporary and cool. However, bright colours can be equally be as affective when paired correctly.

If your option of sweatpants says neutral then don’t be scared to fuse them with a bit of colour. This can draw attention to your look and the likes of yellow, reds, purple or pinks present the perfect finish.

Still undecided then opt for black sweatpants

If you are still struggling with what choice of sweatpants are for you then play it safe with a pair of black sweatpants. If styled correctly they can present themselves as a pair of trousers.

Add a silky tucked in shirt with a glam pair of heels and you are ready to face the world outside. However, remember no matter how good they look they are not trousers. The sweatpants are only really designed and meant to be worn as outside casual or loungewear.


7 easy ways to style Ladies sweatpants this season

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