5 style tricks to instantly make you look more fashionable

5 style tricks to instantly make you look more fashionable

5 style tricks to instantly make you look more fashionable. Those who work in fashion have an arsenal of simple tips and tricks at their disposal that will elevate any outfit.

Some have been crafted by years of experimentation, others are more universal. Here are just 5 simple tricks that will instantly make you look stylish.

Embrace Your Party-wear

We’re aware that sequins look great under disco lights, but have you seen how great they look during the day? The people of fashion certainly have.

Whether it’s a full-on sparkly dress or simple top worn with a sequin skirt, you don’t have to save your sparkle for after dark.

Thrown Off Shoulders

Wearing your jacket on your shoulders is one of the oldest tricks in the book and always works. However, you don’t need to look like a Marvel superhero to pull it off. Just good posture. The good thing is that it works with any jacket style and will instantly elevate whatever you wear.

Go With Socks & Sandals

Ah, the ultimate fashion sin. Socks worn with sandals. Fashion people love to break the rules about what it means to be chic. Therefore, ‘ugly’ fashion has become more mainstream over the years.

This thought process can be summed up by people wearing socks and sandals. This probably isn’t the best way to break in your highest heels, though.

However, it is a great way to add a touch of insouciance to the simplest of outfits. And no one does it better than Mrs Miucci Prada herself.

Make Your Phone An Accessory

Fashion people are always busy, busy, busy. And how do they let other people know that they are constantly busy? By having their phone glued to their hand at every possible moment.

With so many cases and accessories for your phone nowadays, you can also look like a model calling her driver while being photographed and spring up your phone at regular intervals.

Shoes Are Everything

Shoes can influence your entire outfit and the fashion crowd know this all too well. They will cleverly comprise an outfit that says one thing and then, throw on an unexpected shoe. You could pair your midi skirt with chunky sandals or wear your dainty kitten heels with grey tracksuit bottoms.

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