Summer Maxi Dress 2020

How to add sparkle to your summer wardrobe

How to add sparkle to your summer wardrobe. Dazzling diamond designs and floor length dresses have typically been reserved for special occasions and festive seasons.

However, sequinned dresses and ones crafted from chainmail have now been liberated and deemed appropriate for long summer days. Here’s how to integrate some sparkle into your summer wardrobe.

Embrace The Maxi Dress

There’s nothing like wearing a long sparkly dress on a summer evening. However, to avoid looking overdressed and feeling overheated, make sure you keep the silhouettes languid instead of skin-tight.

Let your dress speak for itself by keeping your makeup and accessories simple. Stick to a tinted lip balm and moisturiser with some mascara.

Or The Short & Loose

If you are looking to bare a little more leg this summer, micro-mini dresses can be perfect if that are worn loose. Think of t-shirt dresses or over sized slips. As a result, you look stylish while making it look effortless.

Again, the key to any look is styling. With this in mind, try to avoid stilettos and full face of makeup. Instead, why not go for some flat sandals to keep you looking fresh.

Add Shimmering Accessories

If full dazzle seems to be overwhelming, ease yourself into sparkles with your accessories. A bejeweled handbag will add a touch of sophistication to your look.

Equally, a shimmery turban will bring some high fashion to the poolside. Furthermore, you can channel Elizabeth Taylor with some big sparkly earrings. And who wouldn’t want that?

Jazz Up Your Shoes

There are endless sparkly shoes available to choose from and you’re bound to find an option for any occasion. You can go with shimmering rubber soles flip flops to get yourself beach ready.

Alternatively, you can wear some disco ball stilettos that go perfectly with dresses or jeans. Or how about a pair of green pumps with a diamond detailed heel that add a touch of glamour to any outfit?

How to add sparkle to your summer wardrobe

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