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Simple ways to organise your knicker drawer

Simple ways to organise your knicker drawer

Let’s face it girls. Our knicker drawer is something we go to every morning or evening before getting dressed. Our underwear is the foundation stone when deciding what outfit or clothes we want to wear.

Whether you are donning a favourite pair of jeans to slipping into that dress or athleisurewear, our choice of knickers must be the correct choice. Messy knicker drawers can be sometime hard to navigate. We girls can waste valuable time choosing the right pair of knickers for our choice of outfit.

For some of us it’s a matter of throwing our bras, knickers and tights all into the one place and hoping for the best. However, this can and does present us problems that can be avoided if we take time to separate and organise our intimates.

Here are a few simple steps that all women should follow when organising their knicker drawer. It will add clarity on where to look for those knickers you want to wear based on the occasion.

Clean out your knicker drawer

Yes, it’s more like, out with the old and in with the new. For most of us girls, we are devils for storing old knickers that have gone by the sell by date.

If you were to look through your knicker drawer right now you would find at least 5 pairs of knickers that should have be thrown out years ago.

One way to try and remedy this problem of old and new is to pull out all your knickers and lay them on your bed. Separate them into 2 piles. The first one being old pairs and the second pile of new to nearly new.

Examine them closely for any holes or signs of wear and tear. Any pairs that you do not think you will ever wear again should be placed in the old pile.

Forget nostalgia

Now ladies, forget sentiment as this is about having knickers you will get use out of. You will be amazed how much space this will free up in your knicker drawer which will leave room for any new pairs.

Avoid storing your bras in the same draw as this will lose the continuity of the organisation of your knickers. It is also bad for your bras too as scrunching them tight against your undies may damage the shape of the bra. Keep separate when possible and maybe pair your tights and bras in a separate draw.

Try folding them to free up storage space

OK, we know our knickers come in many different designs, material and styles so it’s always good to sort them in to types. By folding our knickers correctly after washing, it can free up so much space in our drawer.

There is one simple way to fold our knickers and that is the one-two-three trick. Take one side of your knickers and fold it in. Do the same to the other side and fold the bottom in, bingo your undies are folded.

Sort your knickers according to their usage

Now that you have got room in your draw after eliminating your old knickers, it’s about organising them in order of use. It sounds mad but this is helpful and can save you time pulling out the right pair of knickers for the occasion.

For example, store lacy knickers or special occasion knickers together at one side of your drawer. Now organise your day to day knickers the other side. Once you get into the routine of folding them and storing them this way, you will be amazed how much time it will save you in the long run.

Simple ways to organise your knicker drawer

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