Simple ways to make your heels more comfortable

Simple ways to make your heels more comfortable

Simple ways to make your heels more comfortable

As all women know, heels when dressed with the right outfit can make any women feel 10 feet tall. However, get the wrong shoe that feels uncomfortable and it can make your life a nightmare.

Heels are to be enjoyed and we have put together a few simple hacks to consider to make wearing heels enjoyable.

Height isn’t everything

OK, you have found that perfect pair of heels but the stiletto is too high for you. Don’t worry as there are lots of good shoe repair shops that can reduce the height of your heel. This can make wearing your shoes more comfortable while having the pair that suits you.

Learn to walk in your heels

It goes without saying but walking in heels is really a science that all women need to master. Wearing heels is not the same as donning your favourite runners.

Learning to walk properly in your favourite heels can help you control your movement below that offers support to the upper body. Take time to wear your heels around the home before venturing out. It will save you a lot of pain and discomfort in the long run.

Break in your heels gently

This is a great tip and before wearing them out, wear them in. Pull on a pair of thick socks and try walking around your home for a few hours. This will help stretch the show in all areas and will help prevent pinching to the feet.

Ensure you choose the right shoe for your foot

It may sound obvious but lots of women fall in love with the look of the shoe instead of taking into account their comfort.

If you are aware that you have wide toes which make pointed shoes pinch, or that you have flat feet, opt for higher that does not exceed 3 inches in height, otherwise you are asking for trouble. Heels are to be enjoyed and there is no point looking great if you can’t move in comfort

Apply moleskin as lining to the shoe

Moleskin is a great way to line your shoes. It can help prevent rubbing It can be cut and shaped to any shoe size and is even great cover for any blistering.

Consider a pair of platforms

As any frequenter of heels will know, platformed heels are more comfortable than heels. Be open minded to using platforms as an option.

Go armed with an anti-blister stick

Another important rule of thumb to remember. If you are that gal who can’t be bothered to use blister plasters, opt for a transparent anti-blister stick to lubricate areas that would normally cause you problems. The great thing about this is you can carry it in your handbag and pull out in times of emergencies.

Opt for padded inserts

Consider this, If the balls of your feet are causing you problems then apply sticky gel inserts which will help cushion and protect this area of the foot.

Another rule of thumb is only opt for a full insert if your heels are a little bit big for your foot. Otherwise this may cause cramp to the inner area of the shoe making your feet uncomfortable.

Security is another key to comfort

We all want to feel safe and secure in our lovely heels right? However, if you feel there is a chance that your shoe may fall off then consider opting for heels with an ankle strap.

If more so applies for ladies with narrow feet or who may struggle to walk in slip-on heels. The ankle strap allows for extra support to the foot.

Make sure you heels have sufficient grip

No true lady wants the embarrassment of falling on their bum due to slippery shoes. If you opt for a court design heel then it’s vital that the sole of your shoe has sufficient grip.

Check this at home on your kitchen floor to make sure you are covered. If not, bring them to a trusted shoe mender and get professional advice to save any blushes or injury down the line.

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