Fashion tips to styling your shift dress this summer

Fashion tips to styling your shift dress this summer

Fashion tips to styling your shift dress this summer

The shift dress is one of those pieces of fashion that continues to stand the test of time. Being similar in design to its sister, the sheath dress, it does however have minor differences.

The shift dress is constructed to hang loosely from the shoulder and drops straight down and doesn’t nip the waistline like the sheath dress.

It also offers more room to the hip area making it a super casual dress designed for comfort. It was made famous back in the 1960’s by British fashion model Twiggy and the first lady of American at the time, Jackie Kennedy.

Thanks to its simplistic cut, the shift dress today is as popular as ever and continues to stand the test of time. One aspect that causes headaches for some women is the shift dresses is its lack of demarcation in design at the hips and waist.

This has the possibility of making the wearers figure look bulky. However, not to worry as here are a few simple styling tips to get around this conundrum.

Choose a shift dress design that is slightly tailored

The design of all shift dresses are not the same. Some dresses are slightly looser than others. Seek out that shift dress that has a more tailored look about it. Make sure it clinches the hips slightly at the waist. Always try the dress on in front of a mirror to ensure it rides the dress flatters your curves.

Consider the colour and print of your shift dress

Most shift dress designs negate shape or detailing. This is good in a way as it allows you to choose colours and prints that suit your own style. It allows you to experiment with bold and intricate patterns that suit your own personal styling.

However, always consider the occasion of use when opting for the finish colours of dress. Make sure you have the right shoes and accessories to complete the set.

Don’t turn your shift dress into a mini skirt

The shift dress is supposed to represent that chic and classy look of a women with style. While its look is intended to be short, make sure not to cheapen its overall finish by giving it that mini skirt effect.

This does not work well for those of you ladies who may have big thighs. Make sure it sits well on the hips with a modest finish.

Be creative with your choice of neckline

One other great way to enhance the look of your shift dress is by choosing an interesting neckline. Lace, off-the-shoulder, draped and keyhole necklines look fab. This will also depend heavily on the choice of dress colour.

Heels or flats are the only shoe choice

Young ladies of today often pair their shift dress with heels because it makes their choice of dress look short. However, a low to medium sandal works perfectly if your figure is a little larger.

Block heels can add that modern look to any shift dress. Always consider your own height and body frame when choosing shoes to pair with your shift dress. A good tip is to try on your choice of shoes while wearing your dress to confirm it’s pairing.

Compliment your shift dress look with stylish jewellery

Because the design of the shift dress is bold in shape, stay away from adding petite jewellery to your over look. Be ready to make a statement with a beautiful pendant necklace.

Opt for something with creative vibe to enhance your overall finish

Remember that the shift dress is a true classic that can flatter any women’s figure. If you have an hourglass figure then consider adding a thin belt to ensure your waist does not get lost in its design.


Fashion tips to styling your shift dress this summer

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