How to use neutral colours to create a stylish wardrobe

How to use neutral colours to create a stylish wardrobe

How to use neutral colours to create a stylish wardrobe. Neutral colours are ones that go with anything and are essential for building anyone’s wardrobe.

However, just because some colours go with others doesn’t mean that they will look good on everyone. Here’s our guide on identifying neutral shades and choosing the ones that work for you.

Basic Neutral Shades

Anything in blue, black, grey, navy, brown, khaki or white are considered basic neutral shades. Tints (hues with added whites) and shades (hues with added black) of these shades also comprise of neutrals. Grey would include light, medium or dark (charcoal) greys. Hues like putty, sand, ivory and tan would also be neutral colours.

Metallic Neutral Shades

True metal colours are also considered neutral shades. These include gold, silver, copper, gunmetal, bronze or pewter. Bear in mind that these metallic colours are based on real metal and not colours that have been processed to have a metallic finish. Most of the time these neutrals are worn as jewellery but can be seen in other accessories like shoes or handbags.

Patterned Neutral Shades

Patterned neutrals are those that come in predominately in neutral colours. Think pinstripes, glen plaid, tweeds or tiny checks. Even though patterned hues don’t consist on just one neutral colour, they look enough like neutrals to be treated as neutral in the fashion world.

Do Neutrals Really Go With Anything?

While we like to think that neutrals go with everything, the truth is that some work better than others with certain things. If you want to wear a jacket with a floral dress with a black background, a black jacket will look best. However, if you want to wear a sweater with a red dress, any neutral colour would work,

Don’t be afraid to mix your neutrals. A contrasting white and navy look great together. Likewise, tan and white can be a great colour combination that seems appropriate for warm weather. Unusual colour combinations also work. These might include black and navy or black with brown.

Using Neutral Colours To Build Your Wardrobe

Choose one to three neutral colours that you like and begin assembling pieces in those colours. If you are unsure where to start, have at least one jacket, top, skirt, pants and jeans. Keep in mind that dark colours make you look slimmer and light colours will make you look bigger.

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