Arnotts and Brown Thomas to pay staff during COVID-19

Arnotts and Brown Thomas to pay staff during COVID-19

Arnotts and Brown Thomas to pay staff during COVID-19

Irish fashion retailer, Brown Thomas and Arnotts have confirmed they are to pay their staff in full during the Coronavirus epidemic.
Personal will receive full pay as long as their usual benefits while their store remain closed during the government lockdown.

The company has confirmed they will take advantage of the Irish government’s wage subsidy scheme. This will also include them topping up their staff pay to 100% of their natural earnings.

This move will guarantee that their workers will not be eligible for the new state schemes that are in place during the Corona Virus epidemic.

Arnotts was founded back in 1843

In a media statement released by the company they said” Despite a solid financial performance in 2019/20, we must now proceed with caution and every decision we make right now comes with additional responsibility,”

“However, we are equally conscious of the challenges faced by our people at this time.” “Brown Thomas Arnotts has therefore committed to stand together with its people and will continue to ensure that all our employees are paid their full salary.”

This leading Irish fashion retail group that operates both Brown Thomas and Arnotts said their decision is the right one that offers protection of jobs for their staff.

It also said it is responding and innovating to meet the new consumer mindset and retail environment, which will be critical to the long-term future success of Brown Thomas and Arnotts.

This follows in the footsteps of another Irish fashion retailer, Penneys who have also said that will also take advantage of the government’s Wage Subsidy Scheme.

Brown Thomas was founded back in 1849

They have confirmed it is their intention to pay all of their 5,000 retail staff 80% of their salaries for the next month.
The Dublin based retailer have guaranteed to top up the Government subsidy ensuring their workers receive 80% of their salary. They are expected to review this situation next month.

The new Government Temporary Wage Subsidy Scheme pays workers earning up to €38,000 euro will receive 70% of their take-home salaries which is capped at €410 on the basis that the employees is still kept on opposed to being laid off.

Employees earning between €38,000 and €76,000 will have their earnings capped at €350, Any employee earning above the given threshold will not eligible for this scheme.

The Irish Government is hoping that by companies maintain their workers on the company’s books will ensure a faster recovery response once the Covid-19 crisis diminishes.


Arnotts and Brown Thomas to pay staff during COVID-19

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