Fashion rules to live by when wearing black

Fashion rules to live by when wearing black

Fashion rules to live by when wearing black. If you like to wear black, these tips are for you. Black can make any wardrobe look stylish, but it can come with challenges. It’s important to remember that different fabrics hold dye better than others. With that in mind, here are some fashion rules to follow when wearing black clothing.

Love Wool

Wool tends to hold dye better than pieces made from cotton. As a result, wool fabrics are a deeper black shade. To get the truest black, look for trousers, knits and sweaters made from wool when shopping.

Worried about the cost? The good news is that wool doesn’t fade like cotton. So, in the long term, you’ll be making a better investment by buying wool if you like to wear black a lot.

Match Your Blacks

Shades of black differ, no matter the fabric, so you need to be careful when putting an all-black outfit together. For example, when pairing black trousers with a black top, your black shirt may have a purple cast while your trousers may have a brown one.

These differences may seem subtle but will make a difference to how your outfit looks. They can become more noticeable in certain conditions. Be sure to check your outfit under true daylight.

Play With Textures & Fabrics

While we encourage you to forget about so-called ‘fashion rules’, there is a right and wrong way when wearing black. As with any outfit, it’s important to mix textures and fabrics.

A heavily textured sweater looks great with smooth pants. Playing around with textures will make your outfit looks less like a uniform. It also will appear like you’ve tried to put something fashionable together.

Be Cautious Of Cotton

When it comes to cotton, keep in mind that they fade quicker than other fabrics. Instead of buying 100% cotton, go for items that have a touch of Lycra in them. This synthetic fiber will help the cotton to hold the dye better.

Consider mercerised cotton shirts. These are made from fibers with polyester and cotton. As a result, the blacks in these fabrics are deeper and richer than other forms of cotton.

Caring For Your Black Clothing

When it comes to washing black clothes at home, use a cup of vinegar the first time. It will help to set the dye into the garment and the smell dissipates once dry. If that sounds unappealing, there are products out there that are formulated to stop the fading of colours and maintain their intensity.

And as hard as it is to say goodbye to your clothes, sometimes you must. Retire your clothes when they start to fade. Faded clothes can make you look tattered and nobody wants that.

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