Fashion tips on how to style your midi dress this summer 2020

Fashion tips on how to style your midi dress this summer 2020

Fashion tips on how to style your midi dress this summer 2020

With Spring summer 2020 on the horizon, it’s all about dusting down those dresses from your closet for the seasons ahead. If you are planning on re-stocking your wardrobe with that great summer dress, the midi is a stylish choice.

Understand what a midi dress is?

The midi dress AKA the midi skirt is a dress where the hem ends midway between the knee and your ankle. Generally speaking the midi dress design stops mid-calf

Styling your midi dress this summer

The summer months is the opportunity you been waiting for and ideal to get the best for any midi dress look. From Paisley to floral and polka dot to gingham they come in so many wonderful prints. During the summer months, seek out dresses that come in alluring pastels or bright prints.

Midi dresses with side slits and impressive necklines are always a great choice for warm months of the year. The off the shoulder look, spaghetti straps even a simple cap sleeve presents a cute and sexy finish.

When it comes to styling your midi dress during the summer months have a jean or cotton jacket on hand to wear over the dress in case the temperature drops.

Midi dress summer styling guide

There are a so many ways to style your midi dress during the summer. however, there are some general rules to always consider.

The midi dress for small and petite gal

Opt a midi dress where the length is slightly above or below your mid-calf. This creates the illusion that your dress is longer than it actually is.

Avoid that midi dress that sits exactly at mid-calf because this is the thickest part of your leg. Seek that midi dress that sits either above or below your calf.

Sex up your look up with heels

With the midi dress it’s always good to elongate the look of the leg. This negates any chunky look that a midi dress may present.

Opt for strappy heels and consider a minimal heel sandal that provides you with sufficient height without adding the extra weight of a lumpy shoe. It’s advisable to avoid any clunky shoe look as not to take away from the finish of your dress.

Choose fabrics suitable for summer weather

This is something every woman should always consider when looking for the perfect summer midi dress. Summer is all about reducing the weight of clothing to let your body breathe.

A light weight midi dress allows to show off your figure. If you get cold you can always add extra layering like a chic denim jacket. Let your figure do the talking.

Belt up for waist definition

You want your midi dress and your waist to have definition right? Otherwise you run the risk of your figure looking short and stocky. Compliment your midi dress look with a belt to flatter your waist line.

If the dress your buy does not come with a belt included then don’t be scared to accessorise. Opt for a high quality belt that can even help transcend your look from casual to formal in an instant.

Don’t colour block your midi dress.

Solid colours or same pattern midi dresses are perfect for summer.This is definitely not a dress you should ever colour block.

Give yourself a choice and opt for that midi dress that comes in a solid colour or even one that has equal patterning from top to bottom.

If full-on patterns are not your thing, opt for a midi dress with a small patterns instead. Experiment with small floral pattern or even tiny polka dots.

Remember, you want your midi dress to look elegant and classy all at the same time. Don’t be scared to experiment with different looks if shopping in-store.

However and an air of caution, make sure the dress is you before you buy it. Otherwise it will be left in your closet which won’t help you when championing the cause for sustainable fashion.


Fashion tips on how to style your midi dress this summer 2020

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