Top Men's fashion accessories for 2020

Top Men’s fashion accessories for 2020

Top Men’s fashion accessories for 2020

Most modern men of today not only like the chance to dress to impress but consider accessorising as part of their fashion ritual.
It’s a well-known fact that men who accessorise can elevate their fashion look by in seconds by simply adding things like a watch, belt of bracelet to their uniform.

However, there is always the danger that by adding the wrong accessory can blow your look apart and also destroy the style you set out to achieve.

Some guys don’t feel comfortable with wearing jewellery or accessories. If you are one of those men but still want to give wearing accessories a go then here are some easy things to consider.

You will only ever get the right look that suits you by experimenting. Accessorising is an easy way to up your fashion finish in a minimalistic way.

The bracelet look

This is a simple one to start with. Becoming more popular as we move into the 2020’s, the bracelet can be subtle or loud, depending on your chosen look.

It’s never going to be a centre-piece of your costume, however it can definitely distinguish your finished look.

Suit wear: Opt for something metallic. Silver chains or metal beaded bracelet are a fab choice.

Casual wear: Look at a macrame bracelet or an on-trend leather anchor bracelet. The beaded bracelet with colours that compliment your outfit are also good.

Watch it

The men’s watches look will never get dated and will always be an “in-style” accessory for men. Most guys own at least one watch and investing in a good quality time piece is worth the money. Some fella’s like to own two or three watches for different occasions.

There are two big fashion trends to consider when wearing an time piece. The first being the common watch that comes in a plain design. It’s simplistic and subtle that proves a minimalist accessory finish.

Keep the colour neutral and it can be worn for smart of casual wear. It can be paired with your favourite man’s suit or with men’s jeans and white tee for more casual days.

Spend time investigating the best men’s watches on the market and the style that suits you. It’s a sound investment in the long run.

Accessorise that suit

After taking a sabbatical for the past 3-4 years, the men’s suit look is back as a main fashion look for men in 2020. Having a great suit is one thing but completing it’s look for the perfect finish is another job altogether.

From silk ties to bowties and pocket squares, to cufflinks, all or any of these can smarten your appearance in an instance. A good fashion tip is to try and keep your choice of colours neutral.

It’s a safe option unless you really want to mix up your look with mad and loud colours. This is only for those of your guys who are 100% confident with experimenting with various finishes. It’s not for the faint hearted.

Ring Ring

We think this is a real personal choice as not all guys are confident wearing rings. A nice wedding band always look smart but don’t over crowd your fingers with too many other rings. It looks tacky and can also redirect attention to your clothing fashion look.

The sunglasses finish

What can we really say about men’s sunglasses other than it’s a time classic finish to any guys look. As well as being practical and protecting your eyes from the sun. sunglasses can make a real fashion statement to the overall finish of your outfit.

A few things to remember are that always choose sunglasses that are in proportion with the shape of your face. Yes, the ladies can wear larger sunglasses but get over it. Opt for sunglasses of high quality that can actually offer good UV protection from the sun.

Whether sunglasses are your thing or not, every guy should definitely own a pair of classic neutral-coloured sunglasses. Again, experiment with glasses that you like and feel comfortable wearing.


Top Men’s fashion accessories for 2020

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