Fashion tLadies evening dress shoes

Fashion tips when choosing ladies evening dress shoes

Fashion tips when choosing ladies evening dress shoes

Let’s face it when it comes to shoes, us ladies are addicted. Most of us have pairs for nearly every different occasion. However, getting the right pair of shoes for evening wear is vital as you need to fuse comfort with style.

We have put some quick and easy tips together to help you pair the right shoe for your feet when dressing for the evening.

An embellished dress equals glistening shoes

There is one major rule when it comes to looking for that perfect evening shoe which is the dress and shoe should be elaborate.
If your dress choice comes with sequins or attention seeking detailing, then match it with a pair of charismatic shoes.

Shoes that have that shimmery or glistening effect can really add some punch to even the most basic of evening dresses. However, most rules carry their own exceptions but the rule of thumb is make sure your paired finish is the perfect match.

The disparity between dress and evening shoes

Did you know that one of the main reasons that lots of women are not happy with even the best evening dress is because of their choice of shoe.

This is because some of us try and pair our regular dress shoes with our choice of evening dress. OK, sometime this works but more than not is doesn’t.

So what qualifies as evening shoes?

In short, it’s the detailing and material that makes the difference. Most styles shoes of today all come in different shapes and designs. The perfect evening shoe is available in most styles including mules, pumps, sling-backs, sandals, kitten heels, t-straps, ankle straps, and even flats.

It is the material and attention to detailing that qualifies it more as the perfect evening shoe. Here are just a few quick things to consider when looking for evening shoe designs.

Learn to love embellishments: Shoes that feature the likes of brooches, crystals, pearls or even sequins qualify as a great evening shoe. Remember that shoes with zips and studs are more suited to casual wear dress shoes.

Fab luxury fabrics are key: For most of us ladies we think leather uppers are the right look for evening shoe attire. This is true to a point but shoes that feature satin, suede are considered more classy and dressier.

They are not shoes you associate with normal day wear which gives them their appeal. A cheeky way to see what is in fashion is check out what your favourite celebrity is wearing. They have qualified stylists choosing their attire so learn from them.

Getting the right colour for your evening dress

As we all know, the choice of colour for your evening shoe will be based around the colour of your outfit. This is why it’s always good to have a few pairs of evening shoes that offer versatility when pairing with different outfits.

The black evening shoe

Black is a fond favourite when it comes to choices for ladies evening shoes, It’s totally versatile and can be paired with a little black dress and fuses effortlessly with other colour outfits. However, try and avoid black and pastel colour dresses as they seem to dull down the tone of the dress.

The silver evening shoe

This is a brilliant colour choice for the evening shoe. It pairs so well with pastels or whites but also blends well with black and darker colours.

The gold and bright evening shoe effect

If your choice of dress comes in a medium to dark hue then the gold evening shoe is for your you. The beauty about the golden look is that is fuses easily with printed, greys or even black evening dress

Seek our comfortable evening shoes

This is nearly as important as the design and finish of you evening show. Typically, evening shoes include tiny straps and little inner foot support. In the past were more designed for show opposed to comfort.

Thankfully due to modern day designs, women’s evening shoes are now built for both comfort and design. Always wear your shoes (break them in) at least a few days before you plan to wear them.

Consider slim inner soles if they are too hard on your feet. An air of caution though, always wear your shoes in on carpet and not hard flooring. If you scuff the soles of the shoes, shops will be reluctant to offer any refund or exchange as the shoe will be damaged and “worn.”

Consider the season and climate

This is something most of us all forget when choosing evening shoes. As we pointed our earlier, satins and velvet are great material finishes for evening shoe wear.

However, these tend to absorb dampness and are easily exposed when in contact with water. Always opt for pairs of shoes that suit your climate.

If you are looking for perfect evening shoe designs that are adaptable for most seasons then opt for a pump design with a low to medium heel that’s not too skinny.

Evening sandals are perfect for summery weather or times when your tootsies won’t be exposed too much to colder weather.


Fashion tips when choosing ladies evening dress shoes

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