The best lipstick colours to wear for whiter teeth

The best lipstick colours to wear for whiter teeth

The best lipstick colours to wear for whiter teeth. There are times when you don’t want to flash a toothy grin in photos. But believe it or not, there are lipstick shades out there that make your teeth look whiter or more yellow than they are. So if you want to show off your (usually) pearly whites, these are the shades that will bring out the white of your teeth.


Nude is the one colour that is the most difficult to get right. Generally, they lean more towards brown or peach. However, these both can make your teeth appear slightly yellow. Instead, opt for a pink nude. So long as the pink tones are not too nude, this will work better than other neutrals.


The key to getting the right pink lipstick is to choose one with blue undertones. Steer clear of yellow ones. Since pinks can be tricky and cool-toned don’t work for everyone, look for berry pinks. The slightly purple tones will help to make teeth appear somewhat than those that lean yellow or orange.


We all love our red lipstick, don’t we? Our red lipstick tends to lean one of blue, pink or orange. If you want your teeth to gleam, blue tones will have the most whitening effect. Pink tones will generally be more neutral, while orange tones provide a slightly yellowing effect.


Unfortunately, darker shades tend to make your teeth look more yellow. However, there is one tone that seems to be the exception. Darker purples usually lean a little more pink or brown. A purple with more pink undertones will help your teeth look whiter than its brown tone counterpart.

The best lipstick colours to wear for whiter teeth

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