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Donegal clothing company help front-line healthcare workers

Donegal clothing company help front-line healthcare workers. A clothing company in Donegal have switched their operations to produce goods for our front-line healthcare workers.

Situated in north Donegal, the Doherty family who run a small clothing company have converted their production lines in order produce scrubs for healthcare workers dealing with the CV19 pandemic in Ireland.

Moville Clothing situated in Glencrow, Moville, Co. Donegal has been producing fashion and business clothing for the past hundred years
Normally their manufacturing lines would be busy churning out uniforms, clerical shirts and legal garments with clients that include Gerry Adams and the late Rev. Ian Paisley.

However, given the recent turn of events with the Covid-19 situation, the family decided to step in and help the HSE and Ireland’s dedicated team of front-line healthcare workers

Taking to social media last weekend, Moville Clothing representative Ray Doherty posted news of their intentions of stepping in to provide health care garments for health workers.

Operations are carried out by a small but dedicated team of workers who Moville Clothing, say are delighted to step in a and help the Irish health service at this time of crisis.

The family run Doherty business is just one of many Irish company’s now converting their manufacturing facilities to produce essential goods for the public and health care workers.

The Covid-19 crisis has already seen the government forced to close down non-essential services and stores in a bid to try and contain the virus.

With Schools and most businesses now closed, only essential good providers like supermarkets and chemists are allowed to remain open with social distancing now a key part of our every day lives.

Moville Clothing spokesperson, Ray Doherty is concerned that his company may actually run out of material used to supply health care scrubs. However, he said that his company will do what is necessary to keep the operation going.


Donegal clothing company help front-line healthcare workers

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