The complete guide to disinfecting your makeup

The complete guide to disinfecting your makeup

The complete guide to disinfecting your makeup. You’ve spent hours practicing your skill and are now a pro at applying your makeup. But can you say the same when it comes to sanitation?

Not only do your brushes need to be cleaned regularly, but also your actual makeup products. Whether you throw all your makeup in a travel bag or leave your morning routine sprawled out over the sink, germs and dirt can easily contaminate your products.

Read on for all you need to know about keeping your much-loved makeup germ-free.


While some recommend that you clean your brushes daily, most of them are made from natural animal hair which is prone to breaking. If you are the only one using the brushes, cleaning them once a week should suffice.

Many stores sell makeup cleaner, but some people swear by good old-fashioned shampoo or dish soap. Try to use a silicone brush cleaning mat to keep your from ruining your towel or washcloth. The ridges of the mat will remove all makeup and dirt gathering in your brushes.

Massage some cleanser into the bristles of your brush. Once it looks like as if the brush is no longer releasing colour under running water, leave to dry. Given that the bristles are hair, they will dry how you leave them so it’s important to leave them on their side. This will help to prevent damage.

Cleaning the rest of your makeup is easy, as it only requires some cotton rounds and rubbing alcohol.

Powders & Palettes

Your first step is to put some rubbing alcohol into a spray bottle and seal tightly. Spritz the alcohol onto your powders and palettes and wait for them to dry.

Don’t worry about destroying your makeup. The alcohol will only harm the germs.


As your eyes are more prone to infections than any other part of your face, it’s a good idea to swap out your mascara regularly. While we all want fuller and thicker lashes, mascara is often overused, gets messy and dries out quickly if not sealed properly.

If you noticed your tube drying out, run it under water a few times to help bring it back to life.

Eyelash Curlers

The pads on your eyelash curler can get dirtied with dry mascara and other germs. With all that dirt building up, your lashes can get pulled harder than normal which can be painful. And it’s not nice to think about, your eyelashes can even get stuck to the dirt on the pads.

To keep your lashes germ-free, apply some rubbing alcohol onto a cotton round and clean off the eyelash curler pads. Be sure to wait a full day before using your curler again to avoid getting alcohol in your eyes.


While you may love your new lipstick, it goes without saying that you shouldn’t share it with your friends. It often goes unnoticed how easily germs can spread from the mouth.

To keep your lipstick clean, pour some rubbing alcohol into a small cup and dip the top of your lipstick into it for a few seconds. After removal, gently dap any excess alcohol off and leave it to airdry.


Foundations, BB creams and tinted moisturisers are an essential part of your makeup routine. However, when thrown into your makeup bag, the tube can get dirty and germs can contaminate the product inside.

Take a cotton round and some rubbing alcohol and wipe off any excess makeup from the cap and nozzle. Leave it to air dry.

The complete guide to disinfecting your makeup

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