How to choose ladies sunglasses to protect your eyes

How to choose ladies sunglasses to protect your eyes

How to choose ladies sunglasses to protect your eyes

Sunglasses are up there with the main fashion accessory for stylish women of today. By simply donning your favourite sunglasses, they can transform your fashion look in an instant.

As well as making a fashion statement, sunglasses should be worn to do what they are meant to do and protect your eyes.

With global warming on the rise and UV (Ultra-Violet) rays strengthening it’s more important than ever now to shield our eyes from the sun. Whether you are out driving or at the water edge, experts now believe that sunglasses are important wear for everyone to keep our eyes safe.

However, with so many cheap imitation branded sunglasses flooding the market, its vital that the pair you choose are real and have you covered. There is no point having fab fake sunglasses that are cheaply made that don’t offer protection to your eyes. By not providing your eyes with adequate protection can cause short- and long-term eye damage

Here are the most important factors you must consider when purchasing a pair sunglasses to protect your eyes from the sun:

They must do what they are supposed to do

The single and most important thing to look for when buying a sunglasses is protection to the eyes. All credible sunglasses manufactures place a tag or sticker on their glasses which indicate the level of blockage they give from the sun.

Always choose the ones that give you 100% protection from harmful UV rays. Cheap or imitation glasses may look good but will do more harm to your eyes in the long run. Remember, 100% protection required.

Big lenses offer best protection

It goes without saying but the biggest the lenses the more protected from the sun you have. Thanks to forward thinking by all the main fashion labels, they create full size lenses that not only look great but offer adequate protection to the eyes.  This helps reduce UV rays entering the eyes from the side.

It’s a myth that darker lenses offer more protection

OK, darker sunglasses do look smart and cool but they don’t block out more UV rays than those glasses with lighter lenses. Again, this is why it is always important to check the level of protection that your choice of glasses provides. While cheap trendy glasses may look fab, they don’t do anything in keeping your eyes safe.

Coloured lenses are good for sports wear

Given the fashion choice of glasses available today, some sunglasses are available in an array of different colours. These include the fashionable amber, green or grey lenses.

While these do not block more sun they can increase contrast which are useful for athletes who play outdoor sports such as golf etc.

Polarised lenses only reduce glare, not UV

A pair of polarised sunglasses only reduces glare coming off reflective surfaces like water or pavement. However, this doesn’t offer more protection from the sun. The up side though is it can make driving or time spent at the beach safer and more enjoyable.

It’s not about the cost of sunglasses

A good quality pair of sunglasses don’t have to cost the earth. This only comes into play of you want the top overpriced fashion brands.

Less expensive pairs of sunglasses from official manufactures that carry the 100% UV-blocking can be just as effective as pricier options. While looking good is one thing, protecting your eyes is the other and main factor. Always choose careful when buying sunglasses.


How to choose ladies sunglasses to protect your eyes

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