Fashionable ways to style Men’s casual shirts

Fashionable ways to style Men’s casual shirts

Fashionable ways to style Men’s casual shirts

Whether you are dressing up for work with a shirt and tie to hanging out with your buddies, the shirt is a fashion staple you can reply on.

The shirt can be worn as formal to smart casual but it’s how you style it that matters. It’s versatility means you can pair it with jeans to pants, all depending on the occasion.

Here are some quick and easy fashion tips to help you get the best look from your casual shirt look.

Get the fit right

Because your shirt look is not formal offers you a bit more flexibility with the fit. They don’t require that tailored fit look as required when pairing with a suit. However, you don’t want it to look to baggy either to ensure it holds it shape when on.

A few basic things to remember when choosing that great casual shirt are

  • Know your chest measurements. This will help you get a nice casual fitted shirt
  • Make sure you know your collar size. This will ensure a neat snug fit to the neck area.
The casual denim shirt look

Denim is not only versatile but can be worn as part of a layered outfit. It’s a great stand-along piece of apparel, especially during the summer months. Due to its light textured fabric makes it perfect dress for those night out with friends. It can be toned up or down while maintaining a sense of style.

Opting for a thicker denim fabric is a good choice during cooler weather. It allows you to dress it with a vest or tee underneath. Try and avoid dark coloured under layering though. Whites and pastel are always a safe stylish bet.

The denim shirt looks great when paired with chinos or pants. The same colour denim on denim is a definite no no. If you do opt for denim on denim, make sure your jeans or a lighter or darker shade to the shirt.

For that true casual finish, pair your look with white trainers. To make your outfit truly stand out try adding tan coloured trainers. This adds extra detailing to your overall finish.

Go plaid with your casual shirt

In the past few years, plaid design has made a real comeback. Unlike the past when plaid was confined to lumberjack fashion, the plaid shirt look is the new way for guys to present that county feel to their fashion look.

To really enhance the casual plaid look, pair with denim jeans. Dark navy denims can perfect the plaid design. It’s rustic texture of fabric also contributes to masculine styling.

To complete your outfit, pair of brown leather or suede sand boots. This presents that real urban come country style effect to your finished look.

The crisp clean white casual shirt affect

For those of you men who like the safe and non-intrusive fashion look, the white casual shirt look is perfect. It’s clean as well as stylish yet safe.

The beauty about the white casual shirt look is that you can pair it with almost anything. It’s neural colouring means it can be worn with any colour jeans or chinos.

A beautiful fashion look is combining a plain white oxford shirt with a pair of dark navy chinos. This colour contrast creates a great balance ensuring it’s not too bright.

Opt for cut-off pants and dark loafers for that real relaxed fashion finish. Socks are not required as you want to ensure your look is as casual as possible.

The black casual shirt look

Lots of guys don’t think black when it comes to casual shirt dress. However, if you’re going for an all-black look, or just want a darker outfit, then black can be a great option.

A good quality black Oxford shirt will help tone down your look and prevent it from looking too monochrome and formal.

Match your shirt with black skinny jeans to add a unified look to your outfit. Extra layering can be added during the colder months such as a leather or denim jacket.

Complete the look with good quality black boots. When paired with a leather jacket, your footwear can create a rustic hipster look that is deceptively easy to pull off.

Basic things to remember when styling your casual shirt
  • Know your correct shirt size. This is important for your finished look.
  • Consider your choice of fabric. Unconventional materials present a much better casual look.
  • Think colour. You are going casual not formal so you can brighten up your look with nice light colours.
  • Get the pairing right when matching your casual shirt with the rest of your outfit. Jeans or chinos are always the best choice when matching up with your casual shirt.


Fashionable ways to style Men’s casual shirts

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