How to recycle your beauty products correctly

How to recycle your beauty products correctly

How to recycle your beauty products correctly. We all want to do our bit to make the world a more sustainable and eco-friendlier place. Recycling is a small change you can do in your daily routine that can make a difference, but it can be a bit complicated.

What if your product is made from different materials? Or half empty? Beauty products are especially complicated, and it can be easy to just throw them away when you’re finished with them. But we’ve done our research to find the best way to dispose of your favourite beauty products.

Shampoo & Conditioner Bottles

If your shampoo and conditioner bottles are made from hard plastic, they can be recycled. Make sure that they are empty and rinse them out well before drying and putting in the recycling – easy!

If you do want to go plastic free, they are several solid shampoo and conditioner bars out there that don’t come in plastic packaging. Invest in one of two tin containers for storage and reuse them again and again.

Squeezy Tubes

If these are composed of soft plastic, they cannot be recycled. Even if they are hard plastic, most are too small to be recycled anyway. However, fear not as they are very easy to reuse. And if they are 100ml or less, they can come in handy when storing toiletries when you’re passing through the airport.

Pressurised Cans

Think hairspray, dry shampoo or deodorant. Now, these can cause some confusion as some labels say that you can recycle them. However, in Ireland, all pressurised cans must go in the general waste.

Makeup Palettes, Mascara & Lipstick

Beauty products such as these have too many materials in them to be put into the recycling. You can look up the store you bought them from as some places now have recycling programs where you can return empty products and get free makeup.

Cotton Pads And Cotton Buds

If your cotton pads are made from 100% cotton, place them in your compost. However, for a lot of cotton buds, the stick is made from plastic so you cannot compost them. As an alternative, you can make the switch to compostable cotton buds and reduce the plastic you use.

Foundation Bottles

If your foundation bottle is made from glass, throw the plastic lid in the general waste and clean out the bottle. This can then be brought to your local glass bank.

Tissues And Card

Tissues are your best friend when it comes to makeup correction. Putting them in your compost after using them can keep you guilt free when you’ve mess up your eyeliner five times.

Perfume Bottles

This will depend on the bottle. Much like your foundation, if your perfume is made from glass, just rinse out the bottle and bring it to your local glass bank.

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