How to find affordable dupes for designer handbags

How to find affordable dupes for designer handbags

How to find affordable dupes for designer handbags. For most women, owning a designer handbag is up there on their list of desires. But with the hefty price tag that usually comes with that handbag, it’s a desire most women cannot afford.

But if your heart is set on owning this accessory, there are alternatives out there. Here’s our top tips to help you find affordable dupes for your favourite designer purchases.

Go Ahead And Buy It

Ok, so bear with me on this one. This option may seem counterintuitive, but it can work out to be the most cost-effective choice. If you buy that one bag, and only that one bag, you can use it everyday over a few years instead of three or four lesser priced bags over the same time frame.

To put it in simpler terms, the quality and style of that handbag will likely last a long time without losing it’s shine but this option will only work if you do not purchase another bag or purse.

Buy A Pre-Owned Bag

If you can’t shell out for a designer handbag, there are options to help you achieve your goal. It’s becoming more acceptable and common for people to purchase pre-owned bags. The ones you’ll find on sale will more certainly be well looked after and there’s no shame in taking advantage of this situation.

These used bags can usually be found in vintage or second-hand shops but there are websites that specialise in these sales.

Flash Sales

Another option is to connect with flash sales. If you do join these websites, they will send you notifications of sales and you can jump on the bag you want. However, if you want too long, the bag you’re pining for could be gone (that’s why they call them flash sales). Or the sale could be over.

So, if you are a decisive type, this could work for you. But, if you mull over a decision, this could turn into a disappointment.

Cheaper Alternatives

If all the above options are too expensive or you don’t like the thought of a pre-owned bag, you only have one more choice. Look for a similar design by a cheaper brand.

This could be something that costs somewhere in the low hundreds and is good quality. Or it could be a really cheap knockoff that is made from cheap materials and won’t last as long but looks cute.

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