How to choose the right skirt length for tall women

How to choose the right skirt length for tall women

How to choose the right skirt length for tall women. Biology has graced you with long legs but, unfortunately, they didn’t come with a manual. You don’t want to keep them undercover, but it can be tricky figuring out the right amount of skin to show off.

When it comes to skirt length, it’s important to consider two things: age and purpose. A super short skirt will never work in the office. Keep scrolling to find out the best skirt length for your age and height.

Professional Life

As a professional in the workplace, you want your colleagues and boss to take your seriously. A skirt that is slightly longer than the knee will keep you looking professional, show off your killer calves but still avoid displaying too much leg.

You can go for a longer skirt if you wish but calf-to-full length skirts are hard to pull off in the workplace. To show off your personal style in the office, play around with colour and texture. Try a colourful pencil skirt in red or yellow and pair it with a tucked in top in a neutral black or grey.

Personal Life

Tall women of all ages look great in a shirt skirt. However, if you want to veer away from short skirts of your college days, opt for a skirt that ends equidistant between your fingertips and knee. However, there’s nothing wrong with a skirt that ends at your fingertips or mid-thigh.

If you do end up going for something a little longer, that’s okay. A skirt that ends above your knee will still allow you to show off enough leg so that people take notice.

Party Life

As an adult, you want to find the right balance between sexy and conservative. Choosing the right skirt length for parties or special occasions will depend on the top that you wear with it.

For example, if you choose to wear a backless or deep V-neck top, go for skirt that’s slightly longer or looser. On the other hand, if your top gives you full coverage, opt for a shorter, tighter skirt to give your look a sexy vibe.

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