How to keep liquid lipstick from drying out your lips

How to keep liquid lipstick from drying out your lips

How to keep liquid lipstick from drying out your lips. If you’ve taken the time to ensure your lipstick looks perfect, you want to last all day. However, lip colour can go from glam to gross very quickly, especially when it decides to settle into your dry areas.

This is especially true of matte formulas. However, keeping your lips moisturised despite your lipstick’s annoying dryness tendencies can make a different in how it looks and wears. Here’s how you do it.

Choose Your Formula Wisely

Not all matte liquid lipsticks are created equal. Although they all have drying effects overall, some are easier to wear than others. Do your research before you buy. This is true of any beauty product but especially lipstick.

Check to see if the formula has any hydrating ingredients such as jojoba oil or vitamin E. Read up on reviews to see what people have been saying about the product.


Matte formulas love to settle into the dry areas of your lips and make them look more prominent. Give your lips a gentle scrub before applying your lipstick and again afterwards when you take it off.

Exfoliation is an important step, even when you think your lips look smooth and hydrated. Remember, you can’t always see the dead skin sitting on the surface of your lips.


The best defence is prevention when it comes to liquid lipstick drying out your lips. Make sure they have a solid moisturising base before you go in with your lipstick. This will ensure they have a fighting chance against drying out.

To make sure your lipstick doesn’t bleed throughout the day, let your moisturiser soak in before putting your lipstick on.

Use A Lip Primer

Using a hydrating lip primer with keep your lipstick in place and keep it from settling into any dryness on your lips. Think of it like face primer. It’s important to have a base for your lipstick to hold onto as oppose to sinking into.

Have Lip Balm On Hand

To keep your lips hydrated throughout the day, keep a lip balm in your handbag along with your lipstick for touch-ups. When you’re going to give your lips another layer of colour, give them some love first with some balm.

Give Your Lips A Rest

If you’re wearing lipstick every single day, your lips don’t stand a chance against dryness. Give them a break by sticking to matte formulas every other day. As a result, you are giving your lips a chance to recover and repair themselves. If you want a pop of colour on your off days, try a tint lip balm.

Use A Lip Mask

Just like a face mask keeps your skin healthy and happy, your lips need some love too. Using a lip mask will give them major hydration and nourishment overnight. This means that your lips are prepared for when you wear matte lipstick again.

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