Davina McCall considering her own underwear collection

Davina McCall considering her own underwear collection

Davina McCall considering her own underwear collection. British TV Presenter, Davina McCall is thinking about launching her own underwear line.

The Big Brother presenter who has recently who split from her husband Matthew Robertson back in in 2017 is now looking at lingerie fashion as a new venture. 52-year old McCall who is now dating British hairdresser, Michael Douglas revealed that her daily moods are determined by her choice of underwear.

In a recent interview with the UK’s Sunday Mirror newspaper she explained that throughout her life she has been able to tell lots about her own mood by her choice of underwear. “If I was down, I would wear underwear that just wasn’t worthy of me.”

Davina who is the longest serving UK ambassador Garnier has also admitted that she still gets excited when she receives new beauty products from the French cosmetics company L’Oréal.

“I get really excited when I receive their new things to try. I think they’re doing all the right things – natural superfood ingredients, organic products, recyclable packaging. Plastic waste really grates on me these days.”

On the idea of her launching her own lingerie brand, McCall said “I’m sampling different things in life. I’m going to start a YouTube channel, and I’m launching an underwear range.

She also puts her new venture down to her enjoyment of wearing and appreciating sexy lingerie

McCall concluded by saying : “Fifties are the new thirties! When I was a kid, women in their fifties looked like they were in their 70s. It was like, ‘I’ve shut up shop’.

“It could not be further from the truth now. I’m really proud of being 52. I feel I’m quite good fun still, and I look good for a bird my age. So I owe it to anybody under 40 to live my best life and to show them it’s all going to be OK.”


Davina McCall considering her own underwear collection

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