How to choose and style Men's Cargo trousers in 2020

How to choose and style Men’s Cargo trousers in 2020

How to choose and style Men’s Cargo trousers in 2020

As practical trousers for men, the Cargo pants are now a popular fashion garment enjoyed by men of all ages.

Designed originally for the military back in the 1930s, the cargo pants with their loose fitting design are durable and where first adapted for outdoor action.

Their large pocket design was originally used to hold field dressings and other military style equipment. However, in the past few seasons, the cargo or combat trouser have managed to loose their bad boy image usually associated as skater or gangster style wear.

Today, they have made a fashion resurge for guys looking for that cool street cred look while maintaining that smart appearance.

We take a quick look at the different types of cargo pants available today and give you fashion tips on how to maximise their look.

Cargo Pants and their different designs

Slim Fit men’s cargo pants

Normally associated with that baggy look, cargo pants of today come in all shapes and designs. The slim fit cargo pant presents a slimline appearance for the ideal finish in modern street styling. Paired with a sweater or loose fit shirt, it presents that cool summer time fashion look.

The cargo shorts look

This is another summer pleaser. Loose fitting cargo shorts in a camo or khaki coloured finish are dress me up or down during the summer months.

They can be paired with a clean white tee to short sleeve shirt depending on the occasion. White trainer for casual, loafers for smart casual.

Cargo jogging pants

These are usually a combination of a mix of the 2 classic styles of sportswear meets streetwear. In recent years both have become popular with modern day men.

The cargo short works exceptionally well when styled casually. Tan or beige shades can fuse perfectly with a black tee and neutral coloured trainers.

The cargo jeans affect

The cargo jeans look are one of the more adventurous variations of trousers. When styled properly they can certainly make a true fashion statement.

Because of their design, the cargo generally comes with lots of detail that can cause any style look cluttered. If you decide cargo jeans are your thing, ensure to keep your fashion look simple.

Their look is more casual than smart so opt for a sweatshirt and some trainers fr the perfect finish.

Ways to style your men’s cargo trousers

Black coloured cargo trousers

Not a normal popular colour, black cargo pants are seen as the less traditional choice of trousers for men today. However, they are a lot more versatile than other colours.

They are a great alternative to normal jeans. Style your street look with black cargos and add a white T-shirt and vans for that wow man finish.

Go khaki with your cargo trousers

They are definitely the most popular colour when they come to men’s cargo pants. Traditional known for their original camouflage look, this colour has stood the test of time.

It’s simple colour allows you style them up or down. Go casual with a plain white tee and trainers. If you need to move your look up a notch, add a neutral coloured shirt and loafers. Now you have it!

The white Cargo pants look

You are not having a Wham moment here but white cargos are for those of you who like to be adventurous. It’s simply very bold styling.

Always think of the occasion as white shows up stains and dirt easily. Go plain with a black T-shirt. Remember, it’s not a look everyone can pull off so be careful.


How to choose and style Men’s Cargo trousers in 2020

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