Camel coat styles that will always be in fashion

Camel coat styles that will always be in fashion

Camel coat styles that will always be in fashion. When it comes to style essentials, nothing is more chic and stylish than a classic camel coat.

This versatile wardrobe staple will pull any look together and these are the styles that will always be bang on trend.

Classic Wool Coat

Consider this style the real life Instagram filter for your outfits. When you effortlessly want to dress up any look, nothing is better than a classic wool coat.  This coat will add a touch of sophistication to everything from skirts, to dresses to pants and jeans.

Pea Coat

If you’re all about that classic preppy look, you need to have a pea coat in your wardrobe. It’s short, with one or two buttons for fastening and vertical pockets. It was once worn by navy sailors, it’s considered a classic fashion piece.

The streamlined style will look trendy over work outfits but it can also dress up your weekend outfits.

Cape Coat

The cape coat will showcase your heroic fashion sense. This is a style that truly never went out of style and looks great with any outfit, especially the dressier types. It is also a great way to get the ‘coat over the shoulder’ look without having to balance your outerwear.

Moto Style Camel Coat

The moto camel coat combines the style of winter wool coat with the edgy construction of your favourite leather jacket.

It does come in a short length but for more versatility, go for a longer coat as it can be worn over your office outfits or keep you warm when out shopping or going out for the evening.

Wrap Coat

A wrap coat gives you the appeal of a classic bath robe. this stylish coat is usually oversized, with slouchy shoulders and flattering tie closure. It will effortlessly polish up any basic outfit and will create shape to your figure.

Swing Coat

Sometimes called the princess coat, this style is a great option for curvier figures. The coat style has a flare silhouette and was invented to cover the full dresses and skirts of the 1950s.

However, today, it’s a favourite style of Meghan Markle and Michelle Obama with its flattering nipped waist and flouchy hem.

Camel coat styles that will always be in fashion

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