3 of the top men's fashion trends to keep in 2020

3 of the top men’s fashion trends to keep in 2020

3 of the top men’s fashion trends to keep in 2020. With the seemingly never ending trends that crop up year after year, it can be hard on both your brain and wallet to keep up.

Luckily, some of 2019’s biggest trends have crept themselves into 2020. And while we may be three months into this year, it’s never too late to get your wardrobe up to date.

Loosen Up

From baggy jeans to oversized tailoring, loose fashion is creeping into men’s wardrobes, marking a shift that looks set to continue into the next decade.

As a result, get ready as men’s mainstream fashion is set to include straight-legged, relaxed and wide fits. Boxy 90s inspired outerwear is also set to take over.

And the key to nailing this trend is to know how to create a clean silhouette. Wearing tight fitting trousers with a baggy jacket will just look disproportionate.

Pair similar cuts to create a look that flows from head to toe. If your leg-wear is relaxed, then your top half should be too.

Commando Soles

For years, men’s footwear have steered away from minimalism and have become increasingly more OTT. The commando sole is formal footwear’s answer to the chunky heel.

It’s bold and bulky and can completely alter the look of the shoe. Everything from Chelsea boots to Derbies are getting the thick sole treatment.

As a result, it’s one of those rare trends that is as practical as it is stylish. A commando-soled Chelsea boot is best worn with sturdy cold-weather pieces like regular fit jeans or a thick twill knit.

Great Outdoors

2019 was the year that function met fashion. Pockets were plentiful and big designers were playing with technical fabrics. However, it’s never a good idea to deck yourself head-to-toe in a trend.

Instead, you should pick a few key pieces to update your wardrobe. The obvious choices would be mountain-friendly footwear or technical jacket. You can use layering to add depth to your look.

Also, don’t forget about your accessories. Think thick socks or a beanie to tie your look together.

3 of the top men’s fashion trends to keep in 2020

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