Chanel reveal plans to become more fashion sustainable

Chanel reveal plans to become more fashion sustainable

Chanel reveal plans to become more fashion sustainable. French fashion house, Chanel have unveiled their sustainability initiative which will address climate.

The luxury fashion brand are looking to reduce their own carbon footprint. Chanel S.A. are a privately owned French company that are owned by Alain Wertheimer and Gérard Wertheimer with an annual revenue of nearly €10 billion euro.

Founded back in 1910, Chanel are now looking to be the first major luxury house to tackle fashion sustainability.
Their new directive named “Chanel Mission 1.5” is derived from the Paris Climate Agreement, which is responsible for setting global quota’s and expect the world temperature to increase to 1.5 degrees Celsius.

The Chanel Mission 1.5 plan consists of four main pillars of commitment to reducing their own carbon footprint within their supply chain, as well as switching to 100% renewable energy by 2025

The French fashion house will also commit to financing projects that will aid small businesses and farmers who could impacted to climate change. Chanel will invest in more low-impact raw materials and encourage and help more start-ups in the packaging sector.

The company have also charted their own carbon footprint of marketing initiatives and events. This will add to helping their overall strategy in reducing carbon emissions produced through promotion of the brand.

In a statement released by Chanel’s Chief Sustainability Officer Andrea d’Avack, it said “The climate crisis represents the biggest issue of our age and demands urgent action to reduce negative environmental impacts and drive broader change.

“It is our conviction that businesses have a clear role to play, alongside governments and civil society, to help protect the world’s most vulnerable communities and ecosystems from the consequences of climate change. With today’s announcement, Chanel has made a clear commitment to accelerate the move to a lower carbon economy.”

“CHANEL Mission 1.5° is embedded in our long- term vision, and reflects our ambitions to play our part in facing humanity’s biggest challenge and enrol the future of our company in a more sustainable world.”

In recent years, Chanel has come under fire for hosting spectacular runway shows which they now aim to tackle and become more environmentally friendly, thus helping to reduce their own carbon footprint.


Chanel reveal plans to become more fashion sustainable

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