How to master the art of dewy makeup

How to master the art of dewy makeup

How to master the art of dewy makeup. Believe it or not, dewy makeup is achieveable without Instagram filters. And considering most of us don’t #wakeuplikethis, we need to rely on the right makeup products and tools to get that enviable effect. Keep scrolling for some key tips that will help you to get your glow on.


Using a primer is key to getting your makeup to look dewy. Because you’ll be avoiding using setting powder for this look, you should use a matte primer as this will prevent oil overload throughout the day. Using a primer will also help your makeup last so you don’t need to worry about touch ups.


Now is the time to get dewy. Use your favourite lightweight foundation and apply it to your face using a damp beauty sponge. The sponge will ensure that your foundation goes on smooth and light. If you need to cover any blemishes or spots, use a cream concealer and blend it well into your skin.


There are two things to consider when using blush – don’t apply too much and blend well. Remember that you are going for a natural look so you don’t want any harsh streaks. Grab a cream blush and apply it right onto the apples of your cheeks. blend it out using your fingers or damp beauty sponge.

High Shine Powder

Add one final glowing touch to your look. Grab any illuminating powder and use it to set your makeup. Make sure that the formula is shimmery and not glittery. This will help to stop you from looking too oily.

Glossy Pout

Top off your look with some lip gloss. Grab your favourite high-shine formula and apply as much as feels comfortable. Just a few swipes will leave your lips looking dewy, shiny and ready to go.

Set Your Work

To finish off all your hard work and make sure it stays dewy, spritz your face with a luminous setting spray. This will leave your makeup look radiant but shine-free. As a result, you wont have to worry about looking greasy by the end of the day.

How to master the art of dewy makeup

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