How to style your lace dress this summer 2020

How to style your lace dress this summer 2020

How to style your lace dress this summer 2020

The lace dress has been around for centuries and there is a reason for that. Lace represents elegance and can make any young or mature lady look radiant if styled properly.

Lace is a delicate fabric contrived of either yarn or thread in an open web style pattern. Unlike years ago, the lace of today s more than often made with cotton thread, although linen and silk threads are still used in some designs.

It’s dreamy look and eloquent colours makes it the perfect for both casual and formal occasion dress. It’s how you choose and style your lace dress which is the key to looking fab and feeling confident.

A lace dress advocates a mix of sophistication and pureness with the shift version offering versatility that allows it to be worn for dress up or down occasions. It’s feminine look radiates chicness to any woman’s stylish finish.

We have put together some simple fashion styling tips to remember when preparing your lace dress look for the summer ahead.

Remember to keep your lace dress look simple

This is key for the perfect looking lace dress look. Never overpower the intricacies of lace with by over accessorising. Rule is keep accessories to a minimum.

Ensure to opt heels for true elegance and symmetry finish. For a more louder look choose block-heeled ankle boots beneath a flimsy summer midi or maxi. Lace dress. Let the lace of the dress work for you.

Don’t be too adventurous, start slowly

If you decide to shy away from the all-over lace affect, start by opting for lattice trims and detailing instead. Fuse floral prints with black lace for a chic finish.

Another option elegant starting point is to carry a lace-covered handbag. This can become the a focal point of your lace look. Consider bold colour lace as a real fashion statement.

One other way to Introduce lace as part of your super lace look is to opt for openwork lace sleeves or a crocheted kimono. It’s chic and stylish and will help you to fall in love with the lace affect. This will be the start of your loving relationship with part of your fashion wardrobe collection.

Diversify your lace look with different options

Remember that keeping your look Simple does not mean it has to basic. Introduce some class to your look by pairing with a blazer over your lace dress. Opt for off-white over deep blue, and complete your finish with a single string of pearls and pair of satin heels.

If you choice is that full-length skirted dress, pair with a thin belt or even a body-hugger. For that true street look pair your lace dress with a denim jacket.

The cocktail dress lace look

When it’s cocktail time, an elegant lacy bodice paired with your little black dress is the perfect way to woo onlookers. Add a pair of black strappy heels and you are good to go girl!

Don’t be scared to experiment with different colours

While we advise that you should never overwhelm your lace dress look, some creativity can enhance your finish.
Try offsetting pastels with similar pale shades, such as pallid pink, lemon, baby blue, beige or cream and coffee.

This will help suggest a well thought-out total look. The likes of hot pink and red lace are simply adorable.

The lace dress represents a classy finish to any woman’s wardrobe look. It’s sexy and chic. The attention is in the detail so ensure your choice of lace dress and colour should represent your own body style and look.

Less is more so a classy and stylish lace dress should always do the talking, regardless of the occasion.


How to style your lace dress this summer 2020

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