Fashion and styling tips when buying Men’s trousers

Fashion and styling tips when buying Men’s trousers

Fashion and styling tips when buying Men’s trousers

When it comes to choosing the right pair trousers for your body figure it’s important to get the right fit. As we know, all men come in different shapes and sizes and getting trousers to suit your style and body type can be trickier than you think.

Here are a few thing simple things that all men should consider when buying pants that complement their body shape.

The formal dress trouser look

The dress trouser look are suited for more formal occasions. If you get the right pair that syncs with your body shape then it they will make you feel more confident.

If you want to shy away from the standard suit pant look, opt for a pair of slim or tight dress trousers. This can add extra detail to your overall look.

There are various fashion brands out there that will help you create that slim fit trouser effect. However, be careful to gauge your choice around your own body shape.

Always try on trousers before purchase to make sure they look right on. Don’t go too tight with your choice as they restrict body movement and don’t look good.

One more tip is you should be able to comfortably slip the palm of your hand down the front of your trousers with ease. This ensures they are not too tight on the waist which helps avoid discomfort.

Choosing trousers for work

Given the fashion age we live in, work dress trousers is now more semi-formal. This allows you to choose that more relaxed and casual pair of trousers for the work place.

Chinos are a fab choice for the coming spring summer months. Colours like beige and navy are always popular choices. They can be easily paired with a nice neutral shirt and brogues or shoes. If chinos aren’t your thing then look at plain straight fit slacks.

Cotton mix trousers are perfect for the months ahead as it allows your skin to breathe. Again, navy black or even olive coloured trousers are perfect for spring summer fashion 2020. Always think of the fit thought. Even though you are going more causal, the fit should always.

How Should Trousers Fit

Like anything, the main thing to consider when buying any fashion garment should be to get the fit right. Trousers are considered as an intricate part of your outfit.

If they are too small then they are going to be uncomfortable to wear and look out of proportion, If they are too big then they look saggy and throw out the silhouette of your body. There is even the chance they will fall down.

The right fit of your trousers will change depending on the style of the trousers you prefer and also the occasion.
Knowing your correct measurements is vital when buying trousers. If you are not sure of your measurements then get them checked by an in-store tailor.

Choosing the right trousers for your body
  1. A pair of skinny jeans are suited to guys with smaller frames. Ensure they are not too tight as they will be uncomfortable and will restrict movement.
  2. If you have wider thighs, choose a straight leg or tapered trouser. These will help accentuate all the right areas of your lower waist.
  3. Formal dress trousers are good for important situations. Opt for a slim fit for some extra detailing. Loafers tare a optional choice for a different finish.
  4. Go extra smart casual during the summer ahead with a smart pair of Chinos. They give off the relaxed summery look for work or out with friends.

Remember that trousers are probably the most important part of any guys outfit. Getting the right fit and style for your body shape will determine how they look on you.

Always consider the colour of trousers to ensure you can pair with other items in your wardrobe. A well-fitted pair of trousers says a lot about the wearer so make sure yours fit and suit your style.


Fashion and styling tips when buying Men’s trousers

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