Drew Barrymore unveils her new flower eyewear range

Drew Barrymore unveils her new flower eyewear range

Drew Barrymore unveils her new flower eyewear range. American actress, Drew Barrymore has released 7 new frames as part of her Flower Eyewear line.

The 45-year old producer believes her new frame designs will enable people to blend fashion styles with eyewear protection.

Chatting to celebrity magazine in the US, People magazine, Barrymore is aware that people today are spending more time viewing items on digital devices.

To her this is worrying which lead her to design stylish frames to help people to protect their eyes from the damage caused by phones and computers.

Commenting to People Magazine, Barrymore said” We’ve been in that category now with Flower for several years and I didn’t even need glasses when I started it. Now I need them because 40 is different than 45 and I loved designing them. 40 to 45, I have to start caring about wellness in a whole new way. So if there’s something we can do to protect ourselves, wellness and eyewear is such a fun story for me.”

In 2017, Drew Barrymore launched her own fashion line for women in conjunction with Amazon called ‘Dear Drew.” That first started off with series of pop-up-shops in New York.

The E.T actress also has also admitted that she finds it much harder to be confident, the older she gets. She went on to tell “People”

“It gets harder as you get older. I will see the monitor all the time at photoshoots and just think, ‘Holy hell. I hate what I’m seeing. I don’t feel good about myself. Where did my chin go? Why is it inside my neck? Why are my two eyes so different? Why does the hair not look right? Oh my god! My puffiness, my dark circles. I will literally eviscerate myself.’ And I just think, ‘You know what? Eventually, I don’t want to do this anymore because I don’t want to look at myself that way.’

“I loved Madonna. I loved Elton John. I always was drawn to people who … Barbra Streisand, Jane Fonda. You never knew what they were going to look like as a character or in a movie or the way they were wearing their hair and makeup, the style. Cher. This was what inspired me growing up. I loved the theatrics, but I really loved the curiosity, the burning question of what are they going to do next, and then when they present that.”

Barrymore’s collections include collaborations with leading brands that cover items for the home as well as beauty and fashion items that are all available from her on-line store flowerbydrew.com


Drew Barrymore unveils her new flower eyewear range

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