4 tips to help you keep cashmere clean

4 tips to help you keep cashmere clean

4 tips to help you keep cashmere clean. There is no material more luxurious than cashmere. Investing in a garment made from this material is not cheap so it’s best that you know how to look after it properly. Here’s our tips to help you keep cashmere clean.

Water & Conditioner

Although you can wash your cashmere in your washing machine, it is better to hand wash it. It’s the gentlest way and keeps the fibers of the material intact.

If you do go down the hand washing route, make sure you have plenty of space and choose somewhere suitable for washing.

Fill your basin with enough water to cover the item you are washing. Check that your basin is clean and smooth with nothing that can pull or snag the cashmere.

Remember, it’s best to use cold water to avoid fading the colour or shrinking.

Soap & Soak

This step is the most important. Choosing the right soap to wash your cashmere is imperative when it comes to caring for your garment. Opt for one which is low alkaline, as it’s less harsh on the delicate material. Follow the instructions on your soap’s bottle and pour a small amount into a basin. Fully submerge your garment and hold under the water until all of it is wet.

You can swirl the cashmere in the water and then let it soak and sit for about 5 minutes.

Rinse But Don’t Wring

If you must rinse out the detergent you use, do so with under cool, running water. Take care not to stretch your cashmere as you do this. The water will make it heavy and wet, which can cause pulling and stretching.

Use your fingers to gently agitate any soiled parts like deodorant or dirt.

Alternatively, you can empty and refill a basin with fresh water to rinse your soap out. However, it’s important to remember to avoid wringing out your cashmere as you can easily warp the shape. Gently squeeze in large sections between your hands.

Believe it or not, but you could also use a salad spinner. Just like it helps to get rid of water from your lettuce, it can help to spin out excess water from your cashmere too.


Cashmere retains water so lay down a towel and lay your cashmere garment on top to dry. You could also use a mesh sweater rack to lay your clothing flat and allow air to circulate underneath it. Avoid hanging your items as this can cause heavy and wet cashmere to stretch.

One thing we can agree on is that using your dryer is a big no-no. High heat and the tumbling can ruin the fibers of your garment and cause it to wrap and shrink.

Taking the extra effort to care for your cashmere is worth it as you can help them to last longer and retain their shape.

4 tips to help you keep cashmere clean

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