How to wear men's check trousers the right way

How to wear men’s check trousers the right way

How to men’s wear check trousers the right way. A way to make a statement without looking too loud? Check. A way to add some interest to your outfit without going overboard? Check.

Yes, check can be bold. They may not be easy to wear but, when worn right, check trousers can be a stylish addition to your collection. Read on for the three most popular check patterns and how you can style them the right way.


Houndstooth, and its baby brother Puppytooth, is the perfect option for people who wants to add some punch to their outfit but can’t be too loud for work. It’s also a great choice for those of you who want to keep things classic.

The simple pattern, made from four dark and four light threads, has a bit of a chequered past (you see what I did there?). It was first seen on the Gerum Cloak, which was uncovered in a Swedish peat bog and dates to 360-100 BC. But enough of the history lesson. Modern ‘toothers such as Alexander McQueen and Hardy Amies give the check some bite.

To pull off the Houndstooth check, pair your trousers with a white or cream roll neck sweater and grey blazer. Roll up the cuff of your trousers to just above your ankles and finish the look off with some black boots.


The dandy of all the checks is the windowpane. It takes its name from the exaggerated pattern of perpendicular pinstripes, forming the square plaid. This sophisticated check has been the choice of trend-setters such as Clarke Cable and Lapo Elkann.

The greatest thing about this check is that it is easier to pull of than you think. The pattern is strong enough to offset smaller scale patterns so you can mix it with dots, stripes and even paisley and floral.

Prince Of Wales

This is the most nonchalant of all the checks, the Prince Of Wales was named after Edward VII, who wore it while shooting in Scotland. And although the current Prince of Wales is also a fan of these irregular checks, they are also a fan favourite of Sean Connery’s Bond and, lest we forget, Pee Wee Herman.

The Prince Of Wales check is known for its versatility, as it come in a variety of shades and over-checks. This makes it easy to coordinate with everything in your wardrobe, from sweaters to blazers.

The key to pulling of wearing this check is to dial the rest of your outfit down. For a stylish daytime look, wear your POW trousers with a simple white t-shirt, a Harrington-style jacket and minimalist trainer.

How to wear men’s check trousers the right way

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