How to wear a pencil skirt if you’re petite

How to wear a pencil skirt if you’re petite

How to wear a pencil skirt if you’re petite. If you’re on the lookout for a versatile wardrobe staple, get yourself a pencil skirt. But you don’t need to be tall to look good wearing one.

People of all shapes and heights can rock a pencil skirt. Yes, even all you petite women out there. There are just a few rules you got to follow first.

Get Down To Basics

First things first. Decide on the right length of your pencil skirt. Usually, the most flattering is somewhere around the knee. If you feel too conservative with your skirt that’s knee length, a mini skirt may be your cup of tea.

However, if you do go down that route, be careful. Unless they’re very slim, a short skirt can make petite women look wider and emphasise their lack of height. Knee-length is usually the most flattering length.

If you want your pencil skirt to look right, the skirt should be fitted at the waist and hips and not be too tight. If it feels like the waistband is digging into you, it’s too tight. The fit should be close, but not clinging. You need to be able to sit down in your skirt too.

Finding The Right Fit For Your Shape

Hourglass: Opt for a pencil skirt that fits through the hips. To emphasise your figure, wear a V-neck top tucked in at the waist.

Rectangle: Use a belt or wear a wrap top with your pencil skirt to help you achieve a more defined waist.

Triangle: When wearing your pencil skirt, petite girls can balance the hips by choosing a top that has bulky features. Think ruffles or shallow v-neckline. This will make your figure look more hourglass.

Inverted Triangle: Those of you who have this figure type can make your hips look in proportion by having your pencil skirt pegged, emphasising your hips.

Think Of Occasion

Casual: Your denim pencil skirt will hit the right casual notes, especially paired with flats and plain white tee.

Date Night: Pair your pencil skirt with some high heels and blouse for a sexy secretary look that sure to leave your partner weak at the knees. A twinset and some cat-eyeglasses will give you a retro vibe.

Special Occasion: Make your pencil skirt the star of your outfit. You can choose all-over lace for both your pencil skirt and top. Or you could wear a sequinned top with a plain black skirt.

How to wear a pencil skirt if you’re petite

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