5 ways to flatter your bottom-heavy figure

5 ways to flatter your bottom-heavy figure

5 ways to flatter your bottom-heavy figure. The pear shape is the most common figure for most women. What it means is that the widest part of your body is usually your hips. And remember, you can be short, tall, curvy and skinny and still be pear shaped.

The key to dressing for a pear shape is all about balance. You want to elongate your figure, so you look less bottom-heavy. Here are five tips on how you do it.

Balance Your Figure With Colour

You can wear coloured and fitted pieces. You just have to remember to keep the line long by using one colour. This will elongate your shape and slim your figure.

Choose fitted jackets that stop just before your widest point. Go for a top with structured shoulders to balance your bottom half. Your skirt should be form-fitting but not tight. And stay away from materials that cling to your body.


A full skirt is one of the most common remedies for a bottom-heavy figure. Here’s how to make it work. Go for a fit-and-flair silhouette. Adding a belt will draw the eye to your waist. Your skirt should flair out from the fitted waist.

Take things one step further by opting for a strapless dress. The strong line of bare shoulders will help to balance your wider bottom half.

Wear The Right Jeans

Do not believe the myth that you cannot look great in jeans. You can. You just have to choose the right pair. Bootcut legs are the most flattering jeans that suit most figures. Their slight flair will balance wider hips and full thighs.

For the most slimming look, go for a dark wash. Avoid too many embellishments as these will draw the eye to those areas.

The longer your jeans, the longer your legs look. Wear your bootcut jeans as long as you possible can without having them bunch around your legs. If you can stand them, try wearing heels for a super flattering look.


Accentuating your top have with prints is another way to add balance to your figure. Go for vertical stripes, plaids, florals and polka dots.

Keep your bottom half simple. Wear a solid colour and keep your jackets short. Never let it end right at the widest point of your hips as this will draw attention to those areas.

Go For High Waist

If your natural waistline is thick, with full hips and thighs, one of the best dresses to wear is the empire-waist or raised waist dress.

With this shape, the focus is taken from your bottom half due to the waist falling just below the bust. For those of you who have a pear-shaped body and a small bust, this option is perfect for you.

5 ways to flatter your bottom-heavy figure

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