The best ways to wear your pashmina scarf

The best ways to wear your pashmina scarf

The best ways to wear your pashmina scarf. What is the difference between your pashmina and other types of scarves? The word ‘pashmina’ refers to a type of very fine cashmere made from goat hair in the Himalayas. As the soft shawl became popular, similar versions became popular too.

These versions often share traits like a wide, long rectangular shape wider than most neck scarves, colourful prints and tassels.

So whether you wear a true pashmina or a similar style, here are several of the best ways to wear them.


There are endless ways to wear your pashmina scarf. One of the easiest ways is to loop it. This will keep your scarf in place on those cold days but also makes it easy to take off your scarf at the end of the day.


Bring a layer of warmth to your cocktail party by wearing your pashmina scarf over your dress. This tip is for those of you who don’t feel like bringing a jacket or blazer. And because pashminas are available in an array of colours and textures, you’re sure to find one to suit your style and make it part of your look.

Keep in mind that, for this tip to work, keep the weather in mind. If you want to try this for an outdoor wedding, you may get chilly.


Due to it being wider than your typical scarf your pashmina works great as a simple throw. Keep one on hand for those chilly nights. You an even use it as a throw on an airplane, where the air can get colder on longer flights. Once you’re done, you can wrap it around your neck or tuck it away.


If you have created a minimalist wardrobe and want to add some texture and colour to your outfits, get yourself a pashmina.

Wearing a colourful one can be a great way to add some excitement to your clothes. Drape one in a bold hue or pattern around your neck to spice up the classic combo of jeans and t-shirt.


This is a very chic way of wearing your pashmina scarf in colder months. Simply, wrap your scarf around your front and bring the material back over your shoulder towards the front and let it drape. This covers your entire torso and gives the illusion of your scarf being a top.

When things get warmer, you can wrap your pashmina around your torso and tie it around your back for a daring look.

The best ways to wear your pashmina scarf

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