The ultimate business trip packing list for women

The ultimate business trip packing list for women

The ultimate business trip packing list for women

Going on a business trip? Then you should definitely take this as an opportunity to show people the girl boss that you are. and to help you out,

We are going to share with you the ultimate business trip packing list along with some important travel rules that you should consider. Excited? Then let’s get started!

Basic Rules to Follow for Air Travel

Each woman has different needs, so while we want to keep this article general, there’ll simply be no way for us to list down everything that you need or prefer to pack.

We have one thing sure, though. Anyone who’s going through airport security will have to follow the same rules. Hence, here the basic rules for carry-on packing:

  • Liquids and gels should be limited to 100-milliliter (or 3.4 oz) bottles.
  • All liquids and gels must be packed in a single one-quart sized container (similar to one liter.
  • Any sporting gear that can be used as a weapon will not be allowed.
  • Most sharp objects are not prohibited as well. The only sharp objects that you can get past security are those that are shorter than four inches (like a pair of scissors or your nail clippers).
  • Finally, flammable items are also strictly prohibited.
In this light, here are a few more related tips:
  • Keep your liquids container and digital gear (like your laptop and camera) easily accessible. In this way, you can easily take them out for inspection if needed.
  • Keep your liquids inside a waterproof pouch or a Ziploc bag.
  • Label all of your things, even your carry-on.
  • Pack your most important belongings on your personal item. This includes your IDs, travel documents, business documents, pricey gadgets, and prescription meds.
  • Lastly, remember that each country has its own set of rules. You might be able to depart without any hassle, but what will happen once you land? Hence, make sure to do your research beforehand
Quality Briefcases

We have talked about your carry-on in the previous topic, but what about your personal item? For us, the most stylish choice is a high-quality leather briefcase. It’s classic. It never goes out of style. It shows that you have taste, and it’s very professional-looking.

Here’s a pro-tip: choose a unisex briefcase style so that you can share your briefcase with your husband as well.

Finally, remember that a personal item is something that can easily fit under your chair. Hence, there are wheeled briefcases that might be labelled as a carry-on instead.

If you’re not going by air, though, then a wheeled briefcase is the perfect luggage option for overnight meetings and two-day seminars. It can fit everything already and it has multiple compartments to organise your things.

Let’s Start Packing!

We’ve now finished talking about your luggage. Let’s now move on to the things that you are going to pack in it. Here are the ultimate essentials:

Grooming Essentials

Here’s another pro tip: we don’t bring anything that we can buy or get for free in our destination, unless it’s absolutely needed.

For instance, you’re sure that there’ll be toothpaste provided in the hotel, right? So unless you have a special toothpaste prescription for a mouth condition you have, we suggest saving your bag’s valuable space for something else instead.

As for your makeup, only bring the absolute essentials that will give you a natural day look and a special event or night out look.


The same goes for clothes. Prepare a capsule wardrobe for the trip where every piece of clothing goes well with everything in your pack.

In this way, it will be easier to mix-and-match while there. We know you’re packing for business, but don’t forget to pack comfortable casual wear too so you can go exploring anytime that your work’s done. Pack a special dress that can work for an event or night out as well, just in case.

Other Stuff

Keep your gadgets in a single compartment or case. Don’t forget all the cables, memory cards, and digital essentials you’ll need. Pack a first-aid kit as well (that also includes a mini sewing kit for wardrobe emergencies), and of course, your favourite jewellery.

Comfortable Shoes

Finally, there’s only one thing left to pack: your shoes. Let’s face it, women’s shoes can sometimes be challenging to pack due to its style.

That’s why we recommend packing them in a storage pouch of its own. Pack two shoes: a stylish one for your business events and a comfy one to go exploring.

The ultimate business trip packing list for women

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