Eyeliner hacks everyone with hooded eyes needs to know

Eyeliner hacks everyone with hooded eyes needs to know

Eyeliner hacks everyone with hooded eyes needs to know. Mastering your eyeliner can be a challenge. But for those of you with hooded eyes, it can be much more difficult. This is due to all your beautiful work blending eyeshadows being hidden when you open your eyes.

Depending on how hooded your eyes are, eyeliner can really change the way your face looks. If done incorrectly, it can be totally gone or make you look like a raccoon. Here are just some tips to keep in mind when you’re doing your eyeliner.

Use The Right Eyeliner

The first thing you do is to find the perfect eyeliner. This will help to speed up your makeup process and have you looking flawless in no time. When on the hunt for the perfect liner, keep in mind the makeup look you want to achieve and how you will use it.

Apply Eyeliner To Your Waterline

One of the challenges with hooded eyes is the lack of eyelid space visible when you open your eyes. To conserve some space, apply your liner to your waterline instead. It’s best to stick to your pencil liner for this one. Liquid formulas to your waterline can be messy.

Use the tightlining technique. This will help your lashes look fuller without using up your lid space.

Don’t Line The Whole Eyelid

A problem with lining hooded eyes is looking as if you no longer have an upper lid. A good way to avoid this is to begin lining from the outer corner and taper inward about 1/3 of your lid. As a result, you still give yourself some fierce looking liner without looking like you’re missing an eye.

Use Gel Liner For Wings

Many people swear by using liquid liner when it comes to crafting that perfect wing. However, for those of you with hooded eyes, this can leave you with some unwanted black lines if your liner hasn’t dried before you open your eyes.

While liquid liner gives you some control, a great alternative is a gel formula. Although it can take some getting used to, gel liner is less likely to give you those black stripes you want to avoid on your eyelid. Gel also lasts as long as liquid liners so you don’t have to fret about touching up your makeup throughout the day.

Elongate Your Wing

When creating your wings, try to elongate it so that most of the wing can be seen when your eyes are open. After all, you spent all that time perfecting your eyeliner, you want people to see it. Also, make sure you go upwards to keep your eyes from looking closed and droopy.

Avoid The Lower Lash Line

This is all about preference. However, using eyeliner on your lower lash line will make it seem like your eyes are smaller and more closed. To give yourself more of a wide-awake look, keep the strokes of your makeup upward, especially on your eyes.

If you focus on your lower lid, it will draw attention downward, making your eyes look droopy. While there is nothing wrong with lining your bottom lid, try not to spend too much time on it.

Eyeliner hacks everyone with hooded eyes needs to know

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