How to choose the right colours to wear with your skin tone

How to choose the right colours to wear with your skin tone

How to choose the right colours to wear with your skin tone. Colour can be a cruel thing. Finding the right shades for your skin tone can be easier said than done.

Read on to acquaint yourself with the fundamental rules when it comes to knowing the tones that compliment you.

Fair Skin

Do you find yourself constantly having to hide from the sun? Do you have more freckles than a speckled egg? Chances are your skin is on the pale side.

If you’ve got a fair complexion, wearing colours that clearly contrast with your skin tone will literally bring colour to your face. Base your outfit around darker colours such as black, blues, burgundy and greens.

On the opposite side on things, you’ll want to avoid soft pastel shades as these can make you look washed out. The same goes for neutrals, like white, light beige or stone. Choose richer shades such as camel, khaki or dark grey.

This doesn’t mean you cannot express yourself with colour. It just means you must mix your light and dark colours.

Olive-Medium Skin

If you’ve got an olive skin tone that tends to tan in the sun rather than burn, you have what’s known as a ‘warm’ complexion.

The good news is that most colours work with your skin tone. However, to ensure you stand out, opt for shades that are either brighter or darker than the middle ground.

What does that mean? Choose a light beige rather than warm sand if wearing for light neutrals. Alternatively, go for a bold shade of purple like magenta rather than a mauve.

Try to avoid colours that are close to your skin tone as this can make you look nude. For trickier looks like an all-white outfit, make sure you look tan enough to carry it off without looking washed out.

Dark Skin

Much like those of you men with medium skin tones, darker complexions can work with just about any colour. They have won the genetic lottery and can try any hue without much need to trepidation

The colour of your skin will marry well with most shades so the world is truly your oyster. That being said, there are some caveats. If you want to rock a bold colour, keep in mind you need to balance out your outfit with a shade that holds it all together.

There are certain colours to stay away from. Brown is a no-go. Much like how pastel shades will wash out pale skin, brown won’t contrast with dark skin tones.

While black and navy are key colours to anyone’s wardrobe, keep them to a minimum to really make the most of your versatile skin colour. However, style is all about self-expression and nothing should stop you from wearing the colours you want to.

How to choose the right colours to wear with your skin tone

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