Fashion tips to help you style your denim culottes

Fashion tips to help you style your denim culottes

Fashion tips to help you style your denim culottes. If you want to make a style statement, you need to have culottes in your wardrobe. Especially those made from denim.

For those not familiar with this fashion item, culottes are essentially just wide legged trousers. They typically flare out at mid-calf which can make them tricky for shorter women to style. But not impossible.

To help you look fabulous in your denim culottes, we’ve rounded up some style inspiration on how to wear them and tips on what to avoid.


Some denim culottes can look slouchy which gives them a casual vibe. However, much like your boyfriend jeans, you can easily upgrade culottes for your workday by pairing them with more expensive looking clothing. Like a blouse.

For a chic outfit, pair a silky blouse and colourful bag with your denim culottes. For a modern look, skip the belt and simply tuck your blouse into your waistband.


Women of average height or shorter can feel like culottes accentuate the fact that you aren’t tall due to the cropped length and wide hems. But that doesn’t mean you cannot wear them.

Try wearing a monochrome outfit. When wearing a single colour from head to toe, you give the illusion of a taller and slimmer body shape. This is especially effective when wearing a dark colour. Try wearing your dark culottes with an indigo denim shirt. If you are on the short side, finish the look with some ankle boots for an extra height boost.

Double Denim

You need not fear double denim. When styled right, it can make for a very stylish look. Wear your culottes in the same shade as your denim top for a suited look you can wear for casual and dressed up occasions.

Get cheeky with your styling choices. Wearing socks under ballet flats and faux fur coat will make your outfit a showstopper.

Black Leather Jacket

When wearing denim culottes, some women can worry about looking bigger than they are. If this is the case for you, try balancing proportions with a slimmer cut of culottes. Layering a leather jacket will cover your hips and make you look seriously fashionable.

Choose an embellished jacket to draw attention upwards and away from those areas you’d rather camouflage.

Pop Of Colour

Grab people’s attention by pairing your culottes with a colour leather jacket in a slim-fitting cut. The right culotte length for your body is a personal choice that depends on your shape and fashion sense. The typical pair usually hits the mid-calf, but your ideal length might be more ankle grazing.

Fashion tips to help you style your denim culottes

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