The Coronavirus helps UK fashion manufacturing sales

The Coronavirus helps UK fashion manufacturing sales

The Coronavirus helps UK fashion manufacturing sales

With the Coronavirus now taking hold in the UK, it is causing fashion manufactures to shop a bit closer to home.

Almost Half of the UK fashion and textile manufacturers are seeing an increase in new business since the outbreak of the deadly virus. This is according to a brand-new survey produced by Make it British.

While a considerable number of Chinese fashion and textile factories remain closed due to the outbreak, it is causing a headache to some British based retailers who are now left with medium to long term supply issues.

Earlier this week, Irish fashion retailer Primark which is a subsidiary of Irish fashion retail company, Penneys have admitted that the coronavirus may cause long-term supply problems for them if the outbreak continues to spread.

Already they are working on precautionary plans to solve any supply issues. Lots of fashion retailers and brands are now busy sourcing material a lot closer to home to stop-gap any potential supply issues.

Make it British spokesperson Kate Mills said: “Coronavirus is causing chaos for big retailers and their supply chains as many factories in China remain largely closed, where a large proportion of the world’s fashion brands are made.”

“A lot of retailers are worried they’ll have no stock in their stores soon because so much comes from the Far East now, particularly in textiles. They’re urgently looking at how they can plug gaps for products that are due on shelves in as little as eight weeks. And that’s where UK manufacturers can offer a solution.”

What is seen by some as the tables turning on China who for 20 years have dominated the fashion and manufacturing trade, some others are being very cautious.

They fear that once the spread of the Coronavirus has been contained, companies will move their business back to China.


The Coronavirus helps UK fashion manufacturing sales

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