Styling tricks to help you hide your muffin top

Styling tricks to help you hide your muffin top

Styling tricks to help you hide your muffin top. Regardless of your shape, height or age, there is one issue that most women face: the dreaded muffin top.

This roll of skin plops over your waistband to create the illusion of the muffin top. Not only can it spill over the front of your jeans but can also pop out over the sides or back of your trousers.

Here’s some style tricks to help you disguise your muffin top.

Muffin Top Myths

Your Pants Are Too Tight: Wrong. A muffin top is caused by a soft middle that laps over your waistband. While it’s true that a waistband that is too tight can cause spillage, the cause of your muffin top is more likely the position of your waistband.

You Must Be Overweight: Some women who are overweight have a muffin top. However, some women who are thin can have muffin tops too. A muffin top is caused by extra skin and weight around your middle being squeezed by trousers that don’t fit on the right place on your waist.

Only Elderly Women Get Muffin Tops: Not true. Teens and young women can get muffin tops. It can be more noticeable on younger people as they tend to wear tighter clothing that mature ladies.

How To Hide Your Muffin Top

Avoid Tight Tops: While tight pants are usually blamed for muffin tops (they don’t help), tight tops will highlight the problem. Knits are especially notorious for accentuating any bulges by grabbing onto every extra ounce. Instead, opt for blouses or belted tops that aren’t too fitted.

Wear A Camisole Shaper: These are lightweight and don’t feel like traditional shapewear. A camisole will smooth you out and let you wear knits. It will also do double duty and eliminate the appearance of back fat.

Layers: Disguised your muffin top with a tailored jacket or by wearing a vest under your top. The added structure will hide any extra lumps and bumps. The same goes for your knitwear. A twinset is more forgiving of your muffin top as it has double layers.

Wear Darker Colours On Top: Dark colours will help to make the top half of your body look slimmer so opt to wear black, navy chocolate or charcoal.

Try Wrap Or Shift Dresses: When it comes to wearing dresses, there are certain designs that will work better for your body shape. The best way to hide your muffin top is to opt for a wrap or shift dress. This will give the illusion of a svelte tummy. Prints are especially flattering.

Wear Your Belt Lower: The best belted top is created by choosing a blouse top and low-slung belt. The blouse will help hide any muffin top and the position of the belt will draw attention from problem areas.

Styling tricks to help you hide your muffin top

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