Spring Summer 2020 fashion colours to watch out for

Spring Summer 2020 fashion colours to watch out for

Spring Summer 2020 fashion colours to watch out for. As we pass from one season to a next, most of us fashionistas are thinking about our wardrobe line-up for 2020 right?

Some of the best fashion critics on the web are already talking about what colours they expect to see us wearing this coming Sprint and Summer 2020.

Top of the table this year features Flame Scarlet and Saffron. These bright and wonderful colours tie in line with what we seen on display at all the major Fashion Weeks last September 2019.

It seems to be a theme where the brighter the colour, the better.

We have put together a list of 10 of the most hotly predicted colours that will be evident and included in our fashion-wear for the coming fashion seasons.

Flame Scarlet

The fiery colour of scarlet is a beautiful colour. Now imagine taking it’s pantone colour up a touch and turning into a burning flame. This “look at me” colour is a strong feminist cast to empower any woman. Watch out for those power fashion statements in coat designs.

Classic Blue

This totally dependable colour is a classic colour to be included in any person’s fashion and accessory line-up. It offers a calming effect to your fashion look. It’s deep dark navy finish offers life and vitality to your clothing look.

Biscay Green

This super cool colour is totally refreshing with its aqua shade. It can flatter almost any skin tone and reignite your love for the spring and summer months ahead.


The chive affect is a definite winner in the fashion seasons ahead. It’s herb like shade has an almost organic feel and can project healthy looking fashion finishes.

Faded Denim

It’s revival time of the faded denim look. Once infamous back in the middle of the 80’s, faded is back. There are not many coloured that can’t be paired with the denim look which makes it exciting.

Orange Peel

You have heard the saying before but is orange really the new black? Well this dusky dark shade of orange has been influencing our clothing for the past decade. It’s bright but not glary which makes it so attractive.

Mosaic Blue

The teal effect isn’t as much as an aqua colour that most blues. Already evident in SS2019 collections, Mosaic Blue manages to tone down clothing finishes. It adds an air of mystique to anyone’s fashion look. We like it.

Cinnamon Stick

This has a real mundane and earthly look to it. It’s warm and exciting and yes an easy colour that can incorporated into anyone’s fashion look. It’s useful also allows it


No, it’s not grey but can be sometimes mistaken for it. It’s that colour that looks great when fused with saffron or orange peel without any great fashion overload of mix. Styled correctly, ash can subtly brighten up any fashion look for the seasons ahead.


Spring Summer 2020 fashion colours to watch out for

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