The right way to wear black and navy together

The right way to wear black and navy together

The right way to wear black and navy together

In fashion, there are no steady rules but wearing navy and black together is something that people tend to shy away from. Which is a shame as these two colours look beautiful together as they’re sophisticated and flatter most body types.

Navy and black are both versatile shades that work well with just about every other colour in your wardrobe. If you want to know how to pair them together, keep on scrolling.

Start Small

If you’re uncomfortable wearing black and navy, try wearing blue jeans with a black top or shoes. Denim is almost considered a neutral so it’s a no-brainer to pair it with black clothing. Get started with some classic staples. Try adding a navy blazer or cardigan to your wardrobe.

Mixing In

If you re not sure on how to go about mixing black and navy look for pieces that already have these two hues mixed in, such as a skirt or pair of tights. Be bold with your choices.

Don’t shy away from wearing prints or accent colours with navy and black. Navy and black are already both neutrals, so adding in another colour creates dimension and excitement to your look.

Office Wear

When it comes to office attire, you cannot go wrong with a great navy or black suit. But what about mixing the two colours together?

Wearing black and navy in the workplace is not only appropriate but a powerful colour combination that speaks success and achievement.

If you’re unsure on how to wear these two colours in the workplace, start small. A navy suit and black heels is a great choice.

Different Hues

Wearing black and navy together isn’t going to put you in fashion jail. Just make sure to get the right hue. When the blue is strikingly different from the black, it stands out in its own way.

Try not to choose a navy that is too dark that is almost looks black. Alternatively, try not to choose a black that’s too light that it looks grey.

You can create even more interest to your look by playing around with textures. The takeaway here to is play round with colours and fabrics and find what works for you.


When it comes to crafting a cohesive outfit, you need accessories. Buy yourself a black and navy handbag so that there is no question you meant to pair these two colours together. Or pair a black sweater with a navy and black scarf. Adding in those little details will help your outfit come alive.

The main part of your outfit will anchor your look while accessories will help to elevate it. Like with everything else related to fashion, have fun and ply round until you find something that works with your own style.

The right way to wear black and navy together

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