Menswear fashion trends that should be left in the past

Menswear fashion trends that should be left in the past

Menswear fashion trends that should be left in the past

Fashion trends come and go but there are ones that should go for good. And never be thought of again. Keep scrolling for our picks of the trends who’s time is up and what you can replace them with.

Shrink Wrap Jeans

While skinny jeans are a popular fashion trend, they don’t work for everyone’s body shape. And are they really all that great? Let’s face it.

Choose a pair that are too tight, and they restrict your movement. It’s impossible to fit anything in the pockets. They make your top half look bigger and not in a good way. And they can make you look child-like.

However, we aren’t saying you can’t wear skinny jeans. Just make sure they aren’t too tight. Or go for slim ones. Not only will slim jeans streamline your silhouette but the most flattering cut on most people is a straight jeans with a taper.

Overpowering Logos

It’s no secret that the trends of the 90s are back in a big way. And of all the 90s trends, nothing was bigger than big logos. We’re not just talking about logos on tees or hoodies. Logos also made an appearance on tracksuits, bags and knitwear.

But the trend has somewhat evolved. Fashion powerhouses like Gucci and Off-White have created off-kilter versions of their own logos, interspersed with creative graphics.

Logos aren’t the only way to make a statement. You could wear a bold colour or an all-over pattern.

Muscle-Fit Anything

There is another name for muscle fit. Too small. We get it. You want to show off your hard-earned pecs, biceps etc. but shirts are not supposed to be compression gear.

If there’s a slight risk of someone losing an eye because you’ve accidentally popped off a button, then we have a problem.

Fit is relative to the wearer. Not every guy wants to wear baggy t-shirts or trousers and not every guy wants to wear tight clothing.

But ill-fitting clothes look bad on everyone. If you don’t know how to find clothes that fit, aim for the middle ground. Have your seams rest on your appendages rather than strain over them. Your t-shirts shouldn’t feel like a second skin.

Functionality That Doesn’t Function

In the past couple of years, menswear has gone big on utility wear, with designers getting excited about clothes that are built for a purpose.

While we love functional fashion, it gets ridiculous when your co-workers don a coat fit for a trip to the Antarctic. It does get to a point when functional fashion isn’t functional at all. Empty and unused pockets are just as decoration as sequins and florals.

Leave the combat vests alone and stick to functional fashion that works. Breathable fabrics, concealed extra pockets and well-cushioned shoes are all worthy of being on a modern man’s wish list.

Outerwear brands like Patagonia and The North Face are worth investing in as their clothes work well both indoors and outdoors. They are also built to last and come with sustainable brownie points.

Menswear fashion trends that should be left in the past

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