The top 4 fashion accessories that every woman should own

The top 4 fashion accessories that every woman should own

The top 4 fashion accessories that every woman should own

Every one of us has our own personal style, which calls for different types of clothing and accessories. However, there are a few universal versatile accessories out there that can make any wardrobe feel complete. Here’s our picks of the top four accessories every woman should have in her wardrobe.

One Statement Handbag

The practicality of your handbag cannot be put into words. Most women will have at least one, usually in a neutral colour like black. This ensures that you get as much use out of your bag as possible. But this can also get boring quickly.

Consider one statement bag that can add some punch to your wardrobe. You’d be surprised how functional statement bags can be and how easily they can become your everyday bag.

Long Gold Or Silver Necklace

Having a long, understated gold or silver necklace in your wardrobe can help you elevate a look quickly. Sometimes, finding the right accessories for an outfit can feel overwhelming. However, a long necklace can look polished and sophisticated.

Silver or gold are safe options and work well with dresses, tops, trousers, jeans and just about anything else you want to wear. Additionally, the length will offer you versatility. You can wear it long or wrap it for a more layers and shorter look.

Nude Shoes

If there is one shoe colour that works with everything in your wardrobe, it’s nude. Nude shoes will work no matter what colours you choose to wear.

Additionally, if you are wearing prints with bare legs, they will help to make your legs look longer and leaner. By not breaking up your legs with a dark shoe, one continuous leg is created. As a result,  this makes you look slimmer.

Nude shoes can pair well with tailored clothing, such as pants and suits. Styling a pair of nude shoes with an outfit will help create instant professional sophistication.

Buy yourself some nude shoes and you will be shocked at how quickly they become your go-to shoe.


Back to the tip on having one long gold or silver necklace, you can expand metallics beyond necklaces. Metallic accessories like sandals, flats or belts will work with everything in your wardrobe and add some excitement at the same time.

The top 4 fashion accessories that every woman should own

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