Why Tommy Hilfiger are embracing sustainable fashion

Why Tommy Hilfiger are embracing sustainable fashion

Why Tommy Hilfiger are embracing sustainable fashion

American fashion designer, Tommy Hilfiger is calling on the fashion industry to be more fashion sustainable.

The 68-year-old designer who founded his own label back in 1985, believes that if other fashion labels don’t act now that they will only have a few years left to survive.

Hilfiger thinks that it’s up to every clothing company to start adopting a more eco-conscious approach to their manufacturing process.

The fashion maestro believes that it is the duty of the fashion industry to do the right thing for society. He wants to see more upcycling and recycling in the industry and thinks sustainability is something every fashion house must embrace.

The new Tommy Hilfiger, TommyXLewis X H.E.R. capsule collection has over 75% sustainable elements. Hilfiger has switched his normal dying process which used to use thousands of litres of water for just one pair of jeans.

In a statement released by Tommy Hilfiger on the launch of his new TommyXLewisXH.E.R collection he said” “All of the denim is sustainable. We’re washing with lasers instead of water, we’ve been doing it for over five years.”

The American brand also intends to take further measures to be more environmentally friendly. The company is looking at more eco-friendly ways to deliver on packaging which will include the use of recycled yarns to using vintage and upcycling.

Tommy Hilfiger sees this as a huge challenge but believes its necessary change if his company is to be taken serious about combating sustainable fashion.

Back in September 2016, Tommy Hilfiger adopted a new “see-now-buy-now” business model. Through planning and the introduction of new systems this have proven successful.

From a logistics point of view, the system can be seen as complicated because they have to change your entire business model. This includes adapting their entire design calendar and supply chain. However, their investment seems to have been worth it.

According to Hilfiger “People of today want immediate gratification. They see it on the runway, they want to buy it and wear it the next day. They don’t want to wait six months. By the time six months goes by, they may be tired of it, they may have moved onto something else. So, my philosophy has been to always listen to the consumer.”


Why Tommy Hilfiger are embracing sustainable fashion

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