Refreshing ways to style your pleated skirt in 2020

Refreshing ways to style your pleated skirt in 2020

Refreshing ways to style your pleated skirt in 2020

The pleated skirt is that one fashion item that everyone will be wearing this season. With the longer length and cinched waist, the popular pleated maxi skirt will flatter just about figure. And because this is one fashion trend that is set to be everywhere, read on for some refreshing ways on how you can style yours.

Striped Jacket

Wearing a pencil skirt with a blazer is obviously fashionable. But why not mix things up with a pleated skirt? Pair a pastel pleated skirt with a matching t-shirt and oversized blazer.

Finish the look off with some white accessories. Not only are they a fresh choice when your outfit is already colourful, but they feel fresher than black.

Layered Pastels

Pastels are set to be a huge fashion trend this year and a pastel pink pleated skirt can easily be matched with a white or black top. To take your outfit from sweet to sophisticated, pay attention to your accessories. A designer looking handbag can be just what you need to dress up your look.

Crisp White Shirt

True style often involves contrast. Think of how a boyfriend jacket can make a lace dress look edgy or how a purse can elevate jeans and a white t-shirt. Pleated skirts can look feminine in nature, so they pair perfectly with a menswear button-down style white shirt. The key to pulling this look off is keeping accessories to a minimum.

However, they can be used to polish off your look. Just add some trendy pointed sunglasses and ankle boots and you are good to go.

Black On Black

Look fierce with an all-black outfit by matching your pleated skirt to your top. This outfit could work for numerous occasions, such as an interview or client presentations. If you’re worried about your black outfit looking dull, wake it up with a pretty silk scarf in a colour you love.

Red And Pink

Much like navy and black, wearing pink and red together was once considered a fashion don’t. Now, it’s one of fashion’s trendiest combinations. Wear your red pleated skirt with a cotton candy pink long-sleeved top.

Red and pink together are a lot of colour so to avoid confusing your look, don’t add more. Black accessories work best with this fashionable clash of colours.

Head To Toe Colour

A colourful pleated skirt can be a great addition to your wardrobe. For a colourful twist on the classic pairing of a sweater and skirt, take a slim, lime green knit and tuck it into your green pleated skirt.

Want to know how to balance out your top half? Try wearing your green sweater in a slightly different shade of green to your skirt. This will draw attention upward to your figure, therefore creating a more balance look.


There are times when you want to start out from the crowd but don’t want to wear anything too fancy. Take some inspiration from street style and wear a corset style top with a pleaded skirt.

For some serious street style cred, finish the outfit off with some white trainers. However, if you want this outfit to feel dressier, you can easily swap out the sneakers with strappy black heels.

Refreshing ways to style your pleated skirt in 2020

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