How to choose the right swimsuit for your body

How to choose the right swimsuit for your body

How to choose the right swimsuit for your body

Whether you have a summer beach holiday planned or just want to look good by the pool, it’s essential to have the right swimsuit for your body type.

According to some fashion experts, a woman’s body type is normally categorised into one of the following groups

  • Hourglass shape
  • Straight shape
  • Top hourglass shape
  • Inverted triangle shape
  • Oval shape
  • Pear shape

To understand what is the best right swimsuit for your body type, you must first know what shape your body is and what silhouettes are the most flattering for your look.

We have put together some simple steps to explain different body types. Once you know these then it will help you choose that swimsuit that suits your shape.

Straight body type

This means that your bust area and hips are generally the same size. Ladies with a straight body type mostly seek to create the illusion of curves where there are none.

Thankfully, with the right swimsuit you can fake this look. Two-piece swimsuits that include ruffles across the chest can create the illusion of a fuller-looking bust.

There are lots of swimsuits out there that come padded or include articulated cups. For extra dimension choose bottoms that are ruffled or ruched. Some one-piece swimsuits with cut-outs included in their design will also help create the look of an hourglass figure.

Pear body type

This look generally means the hips are bigger than the bust area with the waist sloping out to the hips. Most bottom-heavy figures can be hard to disguise. However, with the right Ladies swimwear you can create the appearance of smaller hips and a more ample chest.

Basically, a 2-piece swimsuit that has padded cups, push-up wires and high-waisted bottoms will give you that finish you are looking for.

Why not experiment with different patterns to create the illusion of an hourglass figure. Vertical stripe swimsuits can also help distract from mid-section problem areas.

Hourglass shape

This generally refers to a body where the bust and hips are the same size with the waist being more defined. Any women with an hourglass figure are lucky to be able to choose most swimsuits styles but remember that there are some that flatter more than others do

Ladies with a real curvaceous figure get more support up top with suits that include underwire or bandeau construction as part of their design.

All-in-one swimsuits which include cut-outs to the sides are particularly great for enhancing hourglass figures. Bikinis that include bold prints and colours will help improve the appearance of your curves.

Inverted triangle shape

This is where the bust area is larger than the hips meaning the waist isn’t well defined.
This type body is top heavy and needs to be balanced into proportions. The right swimsuit minimises the bust while highlighting the areas to the waist and hips.

Quality high-waisted bottoms add dimension to your hips, with ruched one-pieces suits and slimming bandeau tops help to reduce the large bust and top-heavy appearance.

Top hourglass look

The is where the bust is larger than the hips, and the waist is well defined. Even though the bust area is large, this shape still looks quite athletic with a well-defined waist.

This shape means you can still wear a 2-piece swimsuit with confidence. Opt for a double-strap top or supportive bandeau top that accommodates the large bust.

There is no need to hide your waist under shorts but instead choose a bottoms that have ruffles, tassels, or bright patterns as part of their design. This helps attract attention away from top-heavier proportions of the body.

Oval shape

This body shape is where the waist is larger than the bust area. The hips are narrow in comparison to the shoulders.The key here is to minimise the look of the waist so that the hips and bust look more balanced.

By camouflaging the waistline using asymmetrical necklines, ruffles, belts and patterns, it can help mimic the lines of a curvy silhouette. This helps you turn your oval shape into an hourglass look.

Emphasise your detailing to focus on top. This gives the illusion of a cinched waist with ruching details for a perfectly balanced look.


How to choose the right swimsuit for your body

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