Why Extinction Rebellion want to stop London Fashion Week

Why Extinction Rebellion want to stop London Fashion Week

Why Extinction Rebellion want to stop London Fashion Week

Extinction Rebellion (XR) activists have gathered in the UK’s capital city, London to protest about the negative effects that fashion is having on the environment.

Protesters took to the streets of the British capital yesterday (15.02.2020) carrying placards with messages reading: “No more false fashion” and “No fashion on a dead planet.”

Scores of XR demonstrators stopped traffic from passing through various intersection leading to the Strand in Westminster, where the fashion trade show was taking place.

Members of the XR group last week delivered a letter to the British Fashion Council (BFC) demanding that scheduled events for London Fashion Week to be held this coming September be abandoned.

One of the co-ordinators of the protests, Sara Arnold said: “London is home to the cutting edge of sustainable and ethical design and yet London fashion week lags behind.”

“Despite having an active political engagement programme, the British government have done almost nothing to lobby for environmental policies, without which a transition with the urgency we need is simply impossible.”

“We have all failed, but now radical leadership is required. We need you, the British Fashion Council, as appointed industry administrators, to find the power and courage to centre a visionary process and protocol, without delay.”

Other protesters conducted their own peaceful demonstration at Gatwick airport in Sussex. This included a man dressing up in a tiger onesie outfit to highlight the awareness of the impact that aircraft pollution has on the planet.

The group distributed leaflets to passengers apologising for the disruption but requested their help in tackling climate change.

All this comes amid global concerns of the impact that “fast fashion” is having on the planet with activists like Greta Thunberg championing the cause for more sustainable fashion.

These actions by the XR group has come as a major blow to the British Fashion Council who claim they are aware of the concerns that fast fashion is having on the environment.

However, they see their planned events as a way of also highlighting the positive side of fashion and changes being made by companies to combat this worldwide problem.


Why Extinction Rebellion want to stop London Fashion Week

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