Fashion tips to help you identify high quality clothing

Fashion tips to help you identify high quality clothing

Fashion tips to help you identify high quality clothing. If you’re fed up with clothes that pull apart, fade and pill after a couple of wears, you need to get smart about your shopping habits.

That means investing in quality pieces that will last a long time. Not only do they look good but will save you money in the long run. Here’s how to spot high quality items the next time you shop.

Metal zippers

Plastic zippers are hard to zip and keep that way. As a result, they tend to go off track and wear out quickly. To avoid all these headaches, look for metal zippers.

Spare Buttons

If your clothes come with extra buttons, take it as a sign that the designer expects the piece to be around long enough for a few minor repairs. If you happen to come cross an item that also comes with spare threads, chances are you’ve found a quality piece.

Natural Fibers

Synthetic fibers are known for piling and require a lot of special attention. Meaning expensive trips to the cleaners. If you want to keep your clothes looking great wash after wash, stick to natural fibers such as cotton, wool, cashmere, linen and silk.

Strong Stitches

Before you purchase any piece of clothing, inspect the stitching for signs of missing stitches. Are there any missing? Are there any loose? Check for snags, crooked lines and other imperfections.

Be sure to grab the fabric on each side of the seam and give it a gentle tug. This will let you see how well the garment holds together.

Quality Buttons and Holes

Do the buttonholes have loose threads, sloppy stitching and other defects? Do the buttons themselves feel well made? Are they sewn on well? If the buttons meet your expectations, finish your examination by giving them gentle tug. Also, if any of the holes are too small to accommodate any of the buttons, put the item back on the rack.

Good Threads

Wimpy threads will only get worse over time. Examine the quality of the threads that are used to keep your clothes together. Is it strong enough to keep the fabric together? Could they have used something stronger? are the stitches reinforced where they should be?

Finished Seams

If you are thinking of buying any piece of clothing, look at the seams. Make sure that they lay flat and are free from puckers and other irregularities.

Next, look the inside of the garment. Unfinished edges of seams are a sign of poor quality. French seams, flat-felled ones and bound seams are a true mark of quality in clothing.


Fashion tips to help you identify high quality clothing

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